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360 Reactions: Should David Luiz stay or leave in the summer?

This rumour has started since last season. With the inclusion of Cahill in the squad and him starting most of the matches, much has came doubt over the future of David Luiz, who has been having limited chances this season. Let’s see how this could affect us next season.


David Luiz was signed by Chelsea back in 2011 for a reported fee of 25 million from Benefica along with Matic (who has now returned to Chelsea). His debut season went well with his debut goal against United, helping to make a comeback. In his first full season, he helped the side to win Fa Cup and the Champions League. During 2012-2013 season, we would see the inclusion of Luiz in central midfielder, something which was never tried. He would then excel at that position, constantly winning man of the match awards and fans started to prefer Luiz at CDM rather than a CB, as he likes to move forward.

In the beginning of 2013-2014 season, Jose clearly stated to the media that he would ‘Never’ try to play Luiz in CDM as he was a natural CB. He played in that position until the final match of the BPL of 2013 against Liverpool, when Jose started him for the first time in Central defensive midfield, which came to great effect, as he started the play of a lob ball to Azpilicueta, who would provide a curl ball to Oscar, to pass to Eto’o for the winning goal of the match. His performance was amazing in that match.

However in 2014, his chance have been so far limited, as the two CB combination of Terry and Cahill has been amazing, with only 2 goals conceded in the premier league so far in 2014. He has been more off the bench player and if he doesn’t get enough playing time, he could decided to hand in a transfer and be a replacement for Puyol next season at Barca. If he leaves, we would have lost a great player, who has been a key player for us for the last 2 season, excluding some lazy passes of course…

That’s that for the rumour, what do you think will happen? Feedback is appreciated.


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