360 VERDICT: Hulk – Is he worth €100 million?

ChelseaFC360 Verdict On Hulk:
Is Givanildo Vieira de Souza, also known as Hulk competing with Hazard even before he has signed for Chelsea FC? Confused? Well, why else is the Hulk transfer taking so much time then? Maybe he is trying to show everyone that he is better than Hazard in the transfer saga business. Probably not. The delay in the signing is obviously due to the inflated buy-out clause in his contract at Porto.

Use your brain, I’m worth it!

Also, there were certain reports suggesting that Porto do not own the entire player rights of Hulk. Deja vu. Remember, way long back, the Tevez saga. When he almost signed for Chelsea, only to show up in a different London club’s shirt. Apparently, 15% of Hulk’s player rights is still owned by his player management agency. For Chelsea to buy Hulk, Porto would have to buy the remaining 15% of his rights, they already own 85%. Only then would Porto would be able to sell to an EPL club.
One is led to believe that, it is this 15% that is causing hindrance in the transfer of Hulk. As a reader, one might say that is not the case and it is the €100 million buy-out clause that is the problem. This writer believes, the last 15% of the player rights is the reason for the buy-out clause to be inflated. Porto would definitely want to make a profit.
Also, there was a report claiming that Hulk’s buy out clause is NOT €100million. If true, it will be a huge shot in the arm for Chelsea. His market value is €34million, the highest it ever has been. The longer this transfer saga goes on, the worse it is for Chelsea FC, as they could end up paying a huge transfer fee. So is Hulk worth such an exorbitant amount? That is what ChelseaFC360 is trying to uncover in this post.
Will Hulk be CFC blue?

In the 2011/12 season, Hulk played 48 matches (includes all the competitive fixtures), scored 23 goals, provided 15 assists. For his effort he picked up 11 yellow cards and absolutely no red cards, which means his physical strength was utilized wisely. Also, he scored a goal every 162 minutes.

His career stats are:
Played: 194, Goals: 86, Assists: 61, Yellow Cards: 36, Direct Red Cards: 0, Minutes/Goal: 174.

If you want to know whether he can score with his right foot, the answer is Yes. Hulk has scored 3 goals with his right-foot, not too many, nonetheless it shows he can contribute using both his feet. A reader pointed out that those could have been tap ins or flukes. Good news is they were not. Hulk has zero tap ins in his career statistics.

Hulk has the ability to fire the long rangers, scores via headers, takes penalties and free-kicks. He is not your typical Brazilian who has a lot of trickery. However, he is a great passer, Torres wouldn’t complain. He played out wide at Porto, but can play as center forward if needed. Something Sturridge is reluctant to do.

Drogba out, Hulk in?

Hulk, who will turn 26 next month, has a long way to go before he can be a top quality player. Drogba was in the same situation as Hulk when he joined Chelsea. Hulk, will only improve at Chelsea FC as he is what the club wants and will suit his style of play. Moreover, he has established himself in Europe and has a good scoring record in the Champions League.

As a fan, I wouldn’t want Chelsea to pay €100million for any player, however talented he is. Although, paying €50million for a 26 year old is not that bad as he has age on his side. Just as Drogba justified his transfer fee in due time, Hulk will do the same. He would be a great investment for the future.
Final Verdict: Buy HULK if Porto settles for €50million.
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