5 Key Players for Blue Glory 2012-13

5 Key Players for Blue Glory 2012-13

Every season for Chelsea there were special players who lead the whole squad to win silverware. Last season there were players like Petr Cech, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Juan Mata, Didier Drogba and Ramires. So here is a run down of five players that could have a massive role to play for Chelsea in the 2012/2013 season. 

Petr Cech

The underrated h
ero who always steps up when needed most; a superman who was one of the most important players last season when Chelsea won the Champions League. He was in absolute spectacular form in the last few months of our Champions League Triumph season. Cech’s clutch performance put him over the top.

Cech made a series of crucial saves in Chelsea’s victories this season and was amazing in matches against Arsenal. He still he has a lot more to offer and would surely be a very big part of any silverware that Chelsea wins.

David Luiz

The Brazillian Geezer who I’ve always considered as one of the best center backs in the world also would be included in my list for this season. He is a tough and strong defender who has warded off many world class forwards last season like Cavani and Rooney. Last season, he was often critisized of being too shaky and careless when on the ball but he definetly picked up his form and was a huge part in of our success last season. He returned from a hamstring injury last season to play in our Champions League final against Bayern Munich and performed solidly partnering up with Gary Cahill who replaced the then banned John Terry. He also scored a stunning penalty in the penalty shoot out.

Di Matteo has constantly been picking up the Brazilian over Gary Cahill and has been pairing him up with John Terry. So far, he has looked pretty solid and consistent at the back and is constantly getting picked by Brazil for their matches which has not been a surprise.

This summer David Luiz was heavily linked to Barcelona as a potential replacement for Puyol but he ended up staying and signing a new deal with the Blues. The fans love him and he loves the fans and for me, he is surely going to be a massive part of Chelsea Football Club this season and for many seasons to come.

Oscar Dos Santos 

The Brazilian looks like a real talent. He already has all the qualities of a prefect #10. The closer Oscar gets to the level of Juan Mata’s performances, the more beneficial it will be to Chelsea this season. Many have labelled Oscar as the new Kaka, a clever, skillful and confident player, who loves bringing his teammates into the game. He has shown great ability in scoring and assisting his team mates and many have already started labeling him as Frank Lampard’s successor in the Chelsea squad. 

Oscar has been scoring for fun for both Chelsea and Brazil and at the young age of 21, is already Brazil’s number 10 and looks to be one hell of a talent that would surely tear apart defenses across the Premier League and Europe. 

Eden Hazard

The Magical player who has the ability to torment defenses with his pace and skill. 
He proved his worth to be a top class player that we needed. He has somehow or the other been involved in almost every goal we have scored in the Premier League.

He wins penalties, has blistering pace, knows how to go past defenders, knows where the net is…… What more could you possible want in an attacking player?

Eden Hazard is one of the hottest talents in the world at the moment and there is no point in talking about his skills because if we do, I could never end and we all already know that he is one of the most attack minded and creative player in our squad so its pretty obvious that he will be a crucial part of the Blues 2012-13 campaign.

Juan Mata

Chelsea’s most important and consistent player in my opinion. The player who has been rewarded Chelsea’s best player of the historical last season’s team has already been in blistering and consistent for form for the Blues this season as well. After being rested by Di Matteo, Mata regained his top form and has registered six assists and has scored four goals. He now lead the Blues in assists and is the team’s second-leading goal scorer in all competitions behind fellow countryman Torres this season.

Moreover, we all also noticed the amazing combination between Mata,Oscar and Hazard that Di Matteo has created and how they were connected, organized and especially Hazard and Mata. They are running riot throughout the midfield and have both shown that they are more than capable of destroying defenses at will. 

Remember, I have only mentioned 5 players here but it will be our entire squad as a whole who would be hugely involved in anything we achieve this season for sure. Roberto Di Matteo is the backbone of everything that will or has happened this season.

Exciting times lie ahead for Chelsea for sure!

What do you think fellow Blues? 

Mohamed Yahya (@Bonmido92)

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