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5 Key Players for the upcoming Season ahead

We have such a large squad now it is sometimes hard to think who will be in the starting line up and who will be our most pivitol players. I am going to do a list of 5 players in our team who I think are going to be a key player for us in the season coming.

Juan Mata

Favorite: Juan MataThe Spainesh Magician has had transfer stories of him leaving to go back to Spain, but why would Chelsea want to sell their best player? I believe that Mata’s performance’s last season showed how much of an important player he was for us as whenever he wasn’t playing we where not playing at our best we where not ticking like we usually did. Benitez tried to lay some of the pressure off Mata by giving him rests but neither Hazard or Oscar who covered for him could do what Mata did, the 3 of them together made a difference as they added Brazillian elegance and grace, with Belgian precision and Spainish passing and touch.Oscar and Hazard couldn’t emulate the play style of Mata so we found it difficutl to play without him, we still played well but just not to our normal standard.With his link up playing abilities he is going to be a very important player for us like he has been in the past to seasons.

Eden Hazard

Eden_Hazard_2488988bThe Belgian took the Premier League by storm in his first season with not many defences being able to contend with his pace and tricky, like a certain Ronaldo when he joined the PL, he had skills, pace and a powerful shot. With Mourinho back at the helm I can see only great things for Hazard. I can see him becoming one of the best players in the world if he carries on the way he has been playing. With a little more work and determination along with some guideance from Mourinho and some other senior players he will be a strong contender for the Ballon D’Or in the future. Like Mourinho said, he has talent he just needs to up his numbers with goals and assists and then that talent will be there plainly for everyone to see.


RamiresThe Blue Kenyan was a pivotal player for us last season and his form in the middle of the pitch was unrivaled but that form did fade off nearing the end of last season as he got a Red Card in the Aston Villa match and then a not so convincing performance in the Europa League final. One thing I have realised about pre-seaon though is, Van Ginkel and Ramires seem to be clicking together rather well and have put in some convincing performances together covering our defence well and linking the defence and attack together. I believe his performances this season in the middle of the pitch with his tackling ability and Kenyan Marathon runner stamina and his speed will be a huge factor for us to play well this season.

David Luiz

David Luiz New Pic 2013 07Our Brazillian Sideshow Bob was used in various roles last season and you didn’t see him once complain or moan about it. It’s Luiz versatility that makes him such a key player for us and a valuable asset to the team. I would like to see from him one thing and that is stand up a bit more and lead the team when the senior figures are not playing. He did it last season but that was with Cahill, Ivanovic and Mata also at the same time. I would like him to be our Captain on the pitch (but not have the armband) when Terry and Lampard are not playing. He is the vice-captain of the Brazil national side so he can be a leader of the team. I think his versatility to play any role and the fact he doesn’t complain about playing anywhere in the team puts him as one of our most valuable players, giving us good depth across the whole team.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku_1772394aOur Big Belgian Tank is going to want to prove the Faith Mourinho has put in him to keep him at the club this year, when many thought he should go on Loan to a club playing in the Euro competitions to get more experience as many expected Falcao or Cavani join Chelsea, however Mourinho said he was staying and he will turn him into the best striker in the world. He is already playing extremely well and had a good breakthrough season scoring 17 goals in 36 appearances for West Brom. Just imagine the service he will get at Chelsea Mata and Hazard where already ticking well together but now during pre-season Oscar has started ticking with he rest. The service of through balls and crosses that they could supply for Lukaku could see him challenging for the golden boot award. His hold up play has improved massively as he is also quick he can play on the shoulder of the defender as well. He will be very tricky for defenders to mark and tackle because of his physique and athleticism.

I believe that these 5 will be our main players for the season to come and their performances will give a huge contribution to how well we do. I know the whole team needs to play well to win but these 5 I can see being our key players. I believe that we should be challenging for the title this season, if not at least 2nd place. As for the cup competitions. I say we should try and win the Copa Europe and the FA Cup. The Copa Europe will be tough as it’s against Bayern Munich under the influence of Pep Guardiola however they are not doing the best at this present moment in time they have just lost to Dortmund 4-2 in the Final of the German Cup(can’t remember the name). The FA Cup is the FA Cup anything can happen but I can see Mourinho demanding the best from his players and I can see us making another trip to Wembley. Regarding the League Cup I think our back up players and youth players should play in these games the League Cup isn’t as amazing as the FA Cup but it is still games where players can get valuable experience. The Champions League I would like us to get to the final however I can only see us making the quater finals or semi finals only due to that fact new manager new players and we have players with less experience than before so they need to learn how it is in the CL saying that it didn’t take Oscar long to get accustomed to the CL.

Honourable mentions – Oscar, De Bruyne, Lampard, Ivanovic, Cole, Cech

Who do you think will be our key players next season? And where do you think will finish along with what silverware we will have?


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