5 Reasons Oscar can be World's Best

5 Reasons Oscar can be World’s Best

Chelsea have had was it most likely the most successful transfer season in club history.  The class of players they have grabbed seem to all have potential star power.  The class is led by the young 21 year old superstar Eden Hazard.   Hazard as already proved he is the best player at the club and soon, maybe the world.  A lot of people are calling him the “Next Messi” but he may have a teammate who is more well prepared to be the next king of world football.  This player is Oscar, who in his first start dazzled and impressed the whole world with one of the best goals ever at the Bridge.  Let’s look at 5 reasons the young Brazilian can be the world’s best footballer.

1.  Perfect Surroundings

There have been many great Brazilians in the history of football and all of them grew up playing brilliant football with their countrymen.  Oscar has been put in the perfect situation by signing with Chelsea.  The youngster will be learning from maybe the greatest Chelsea player of all time, Frank Lampard who is coming to the end of his glorious career.  Oscar will be playing every league game in the world’s toughest league and will have no shortage of chances to prove himself.  Being Brazilian he will also be at the elite stages of all international competitions.  Brazil competes and usually succeeds in their international adventures.  Oscar being only 21, will be leading the charge for a long time.  No situation could be better than this and he is ready to prove he fits in the Blues future plans.

2.  Humble

A lot of young stars are very cocky and flaunt their talent.  With the talent Oscar has, you couldn’t blame him if he did, but he isn’t.  Oscar never looks to take center stage, he just naturally draws it.  Looking at fellow Brazilian Neymar and his conceited personality, it’s very hard to believe that Oscar is so quiet and keeps to himself.  The youngster will never bring off the field headlines to the Bridge and will have not have a bad reputation with other players.  He is easy to like and has the great personality you need to be looked up upon.

3.  Versatility

Coming into Chelsea Oscar was seen as a great attacking player, but in his first start against Juventus he proved that he is much more.  Oscar was not only asked to help with the Blues attack, he was asked to personally man mark the elite talent of Andrea Pirlo, and he did a hell of a job.  While Oscar was on the pitch, Pirlo was seemingly invisible.  The kid will be able to play anywhere in the midfield and help Chelsea out anyway he can.  Oscar is going to keep the fans happy with goals and assists but also help bolster the defense.  Basically he has the attacking skills of fellow Brazilian Kaka and the defense skills of a regular defensive midfielder.  You can’t ask for a better combination than that.

4.  Enthusiasm

There is always one thing that gets over looked when evaluating footballers, the so called “Little Boy Enthusiasm”.  This is the attitude of loving to play the game and not what comes with being a professional athlete.  Oscar always looks like he is having fun while he is playing and has a deep love for the game.  He shares this attribute with Chelsea and Brazilian teammate David Luiz.  These two are quietly going to become the leaders at the Bridge with their lavish personalities on the pitch.

5.  The Moment Will Never Be to Big

It could easily be said that a Champions League Match against Juventus is a big match, but not for this guy. Oscar did not play nervous at all in his first start at the Bridge and his first touch was class from the start.  It seems that anyone who wears the number 11 has ice in their veins.  He is going to be looked on in tough times and great times, and he will go at both the same way.  Oscar has the clutch gene and will not shy away from the big moments he will face at an elite club.

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