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5 Reasons Why Chelsea shouldn't pursue Wayne Rooney

Chelsea bound?

Chelsea bound?

Chelsea have recently been linked with a move for Manchester United start Wayne Rooney. Reports suggest that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has personally sanctioned a stunning £30m move for the unsettled Manchester United star – who had a plea for a move rejected by manager Alex Ferguson a fortnight ago.

There has been growing speculation about Wayne Rooney’s future at Manchester United, pre-dating news of Ferguson’s departure, and the 27 year old has certainly played a less pivotal role in the club’s Premier League title success this term as he has in previous campaigns. Now, I personally don’t think Chelsea should sign Wayne Rooney and I’m going to tell you why in the 5 reasons below.

1) Heavy price tag and high wages.

Wayne Rooney wouldn’t come cheap at all. He’d cost us near £30 million as it has been reported. £30m for a player who probably has reached the peak of his career is not worth it at all. He’s going to turn 28 this October and instead of him we could go for much cheaper, younger and better options like Isco or Bony. Rooney also earns £250K per week at Manchester United! We could easily match this but its way too much for him in my opinion. With UEFA’s FFP rules coming into place next season, Chelsea should be looking for a ways to get decrease our wage bill instead of boosting it by paying this much to someone like Rooney.

2) Rooney turns 28 in October.

Wayne Rooney turns 28 in October. As reported Chelsea would offer Rooney a 5 year contract which would see him stay at the Bridge until he’s 33. Should we really pay £30m for a player who’s ageing. £250k + per week for 5 years? It doesn’t make sense in my head.

3) His heart beats for Manchester United.

Now this is something the entire football world knows. Wayne Rooney loves Manchester United and his heart beats for them. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t see this deal going through. Manchester United would much rather sell him to a team like Bayern Munich or PSG who would also match our offer than their rivals for the Premier League tittle. This would kind of be like Torres’s switch from Liverpool to Chelsea. With all his love for Manchester United, he might not settle well in London and might not be able to concentrate on Chelsea’s aims and title ambitions. This could massively affect his performances and could easily make him a flop at Stamford Bridge.

4)Not in form. 

Like Torres, Rooney also isn’t in the best form of his life. He only has 16 goals in 36 appearances for Manchester United. He’s not been performing on his highest levels for both Man Utd and England and has been dropped for many big games by Unite’s legend himself Sir Alex. Paying £30m for a player who’s not in the best form of his life is just risky. This is what happened with Fernando and we shouldn’t risk it again. I get the fact that he’s been prolific over the past seasons but his recent form has not been the best at all. We should be targeting a prolific striker in top form with alot of good years ahead of him. Someone like Lewandowski.

5) If United would be willing to let go of him, why should we go for him?

If title contenders Manchester United are willing to get rid of him for some reasons, why should we sign him? I mean United aren’t clueless that they’ll just let their top stars who they expect to grow and do better for their club leave. If they are happily willing to let go him then they MUST have seen something that Chelsea and other clubs can’t. Yes, maybe they need the £30m for new players but why can’t we go for those new players. As I’ve said earlier, he’s almost 28, not in form and earns £250K a week and United would more than love to fetch anything near £30m for such a player.

So there you go. Those are pretty much the reasons behind why I think Chelsea shouldn’t pursue Rooney. He might just turn out to be the title winning key for us next season, you never know but its a risk not worth taking in my opinion.

Do let me know what you guys think about Wayne Rooney. Would you want him at Chelsea? Agree with me and my points? KTBFFH!

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