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5 reasons why Neymar would be a perfect signing for Chelsea

5 reasons why Neymar would be a perfect signing for Chelsea

Our new number 11 Oscar came out in the week with some interesting quotes about fellow his brazilian Neymar and his potential move to Europe. He stated” While we are in London I have been telling Neymar about the ambition of Chelsea”.” When the time comes for him to join a European club I hope I can persuade him”. Chelsea were on the verge of signing Neymar back in 2010 for a fee around 20 million pounds but as he was only 18, Neymar rejected the offer in favor of staying to develop in Brazil for a while longer. Since then Neymar has attracted interest from top European clubs, mainly Barcelona and Real Madrid. With his interest his price tag has also risen with a fee of around 50-60 million pounds supposedly needed to lure him away from current club Santos. Chelsea’s interest in the Brazilian starlet seem to have faded since the two big Spanish clubs and others came into the race for his signature but with these recent comments by Oscar and Chelsea being in the hunt for another Striker Roman Abramovich has apparently set out to sign the Neymar again. Here are 5 reasons why Neymar would be a perfect signing for Chelsea.

1. Marketing:
Neymar is an icon in his native Brazil with his picture all over girls walls and guys all trying to copy his haircut. The Name Neymar is known trhoughout the world and most are fans of his bags of skills and tricks that very few people in the world can perform. In times of FFP we need to expand the Chelsea brand and if we buy NEymar MErchandise sales will go throught the roof. Witrh these sales he will pay off his massive price tag and make a profit which will allow us to spend while applying to FFP rules.

2. Resale Value:
Though we do face competition for Neymar as he is the most talked about young footballer in the World, if we manage to sign him this will work in our favour in the Long Term. Neymar is extremely talented with that Brazilian flair that makes onlookers jaw’s drop but as we have seen before in the Premier League, Brazilian sometimes do not shine as the EPL is more physical. If Neymar fails to succeed for Chelsea then due to him being so young and his massive potential we could sell him for the same amount of money we brought him for, maybe even more. You could say it is a Win-Win situation.

3. 2 in 1 Purchase:
After all a our pre-season friendlies were finished it seems Roman and others at Chelsea have decided that we need a new Right-Back, Right-Winger and Striker with about 60 million pounds to spend. All RB’s we have been linked with are available for less than 10 million pounds therefore leaving around 50-55 million pounds to spend on a New Striker and Winger. Neymar is a very versatile player who can play as the main stiker or a winger as we have seen at the Olympics. Neymar could be the back-up striker to Torres while also being able to play on the wing allowing Ramires to be put back into his favored ( and best ) postion in the Centre as a Box to Box Midfielder. Neymar usually plays on the Left  when he is played as a winger so if we were to stick to Di Matteo’s favoured 4-2-3-1 formation our line-up would presumably have Torres up front as the Lone Striker with Neymar on the left, Mata in the Centre and Hazard on the right. That would ahve to be one of the scariest attacks a defender could have to face.

4. Takes the Pressure off others/ Knows how to deal with Pressure:
The arrival of Neymar at stamford Bridge would take the pressure of 2 players in Particular. The first being Fernando Torres. Torres is always mentioned as the 50 million pound man becuase of his extravegent price-tag. Neymar’s price tag would likely around aroung that of Torres’ if not higher. This would help people forget about Fernando’s price tag and some what take the pressure off him. The other player would be Eden Hazard. Eden is our major signing of the window so far and at 21 years of age he is expected to carry this team forward and re-create what he did for Lille at Chelsea. He scored 22 goals and had 16 assists last season. Chances are he will not get those statistic this  season so he would need to share the workload with another star signing (Neymar) to help him relax and adapt to the new surroundings and playing style. As we have seen Neymar is very good at handling pressure as well. Coming into the Olympics Neymar was seen as the man to carry Brazil on his back and along with Oscar he has not failed to disappoint. Neymar has arguably been the best player at the Olympics even with all this pressure and constant abuse from the crowd.

5. He Would Fit In:
As I mentioned earlier Oscar came out and sated he wanted his fellow Brazilian and good friend Neymar to join Chelsea. Neymar would be welcomed with open arms by Oscar, David Luiz, Lucas Piazon and Ramires who would help him settle in and adapt to the English game. As we have heard before, being unsettled is one of the main reasons for players not performing so this should not be a problem for Neymar .

Neymar is a Terrific talent with the potential to be the best in the world one day. If he were to come to Chelsea we would have one of the best young squads in the Entire world, if not the best. It would be an  honour to watch what Neymar does best in a Chelsea shirt along the other other superstars in the squad. With the potential squad we should be aiming for the Champions League title again and no less and I believe we have all the tools to win the CL again.

#Jonathan ( @jonnyonnyathan )

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