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5 Reasons Why Sergio Ramos Would We A Great Signing For Chelsea

5 Reasons Why Sergio Ramos Would We A Great Signing For Chelsea

Rumours for the past couple of months have said that all is not well in the Real Madrid camp. First it was Ronaldo who was not happy and now it is said that Sergio Ramos is unhappy as well. He has shown this by wearing Mesut Ozil’s jersey underneath his own whilst playing. This was seen as a lack of respect towards the club leading to rumours saying that Ramos could leave Madrid, or rather be offloaded in the upcoming January Window. It is said that he could leave for a price of around 40 million pounds. This is a lot of money but Chelsea could afford him. But this makes us think, Would Sergio Ramos be a good signing for Chelsea Football Club. Here are 5 reasons why he would be a great singing:

1. New Breed of Centre Back:

Back in the day if you we physical, knew how to lay a tackle and could boot the ball halfway up the pitch you were a typical Centre Back. Now in the era of “Tiki Taka” and “Beautiful Football” a centre back has to do more than defend. They have to distribute the ball well and be comfortable in possession. Sergio Ramos ticks the boxes. He is excellent at distributing the ball can handle the pressure of annoying forwards trying to get the ball off him. As Chelsea are trying to play this “Beautiful Football” Sergio Ramos would be an ideal Centre Back

2. Great Age:

At the age of 26 Ramos his best years are still ahead of him. The investment would be wise because at this age he could still contribute a solid 6-10 years

3. Replacement for John Terry:

With all the controversy John Terry has faced recently we could see his career coming to an end earlier than it should. He has already retired from England and Chelsea might not be too far behind, This means we would need a replacement of the highest calibre. Sergio Ramos would be a great fit. He is a world class defender as shown at the Euro’s where he was an rock at the back stopping players like Balotelli and Ronaldo. He has the potential to be a future leader at Chelsea and would be a very good replacement for Terry.

4. Would Fit In:

Nowadays we constantly hear about how players feel at a club, whether they fit in or not and whether they like their surroundings. Sergio Ramos would have no trouble fitting in at the club with fellow Spaniards Torres, Mata, Azpilicueta and Romeu. This means he can get down to business on the field straight away and settle down faster.

5. Versatility:

Ramos spent most of his career playing as a Right-Back up until a couple of years ago where Mourinho transformed him into a centre back, a position in which he has flourished in. Ramos still sometimes plays as a Right Back due to his ability to get forward and send delicious crosses into the box. At the moment we may not need Ramos to play as a right back but it is always great to have the option available.

Conclusion: Sergio Ramos is a terrific player which every club in the world would love to have. 40 million pounds may be a big price tag in the eyes of some but if you have seen him perform at his best you would understand that this is a very fair price. He could be a rock for our team at the back. In the future it would be very possible to see Sergio Ramos and David Luiz at the back, both very talented players that could form one of the most solid centre back partnerships in the world. Their partnership could be the equivalent to what we had in the Mourinho era with Carvalho and Terry at the back. Impenetrable.

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