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5 things we learnt from the game vs Seattle Sounders

After watching the 4-2 win against Seattle Sounders, I believed there were 5 key revelations in the match.

1.Essien is returning to form:

After having come back from terrible knee surgery last season it looked like the end of Michael Essien in Chelsea Blue. The man looked a shadow of his former self and had fallen way down the pecking order. But after coming on at Half time Essien, With the help of Super Frank Lampard, made the midfield his own. It may only have been for a Half in a pre season match against a weak opposition, but this looked like the old Essien. Even if we do sell him as we are drastically overstocked in the CM area, performances like these would surely bring up his price tag and get more clubs interested

2.Marin could be the bargain of the summer:

In 2009 Marin was Germany’s golden boy, the next big thing along with Mesut Ozil at Werder Bremen .Both these players were seen to be just as good as each other but Ozil was the only one who got taken to a bigger club in Real Madrid. Marin struggled with injury and never really got back to his peak of form therefore the small price tag. Ozil in the past 2 season has had more assists than Iniesta and Xavi put together. Imagine if we could get Marin up to Ozil quality. Marin looked like he was back at his peak in the game, beating defenders for pace and skill while also scoring a goal and providing an assist.

3.Hazard has all the tools to be one of the best in the World:

After watching Hazard play his first game against Seattle everyone could see why Roman spent 32 Million Pounds on him. Twitter exploded with fans from other teams (especially Arsenal fans) saying how they can’t wait to watch Eden Hazard play this season. Hazard silenced all critics over his price tag by showing them he has all the qualities to be one of the best players in the world. Every time he touched the ball he made something happen. He made the defenders work tirelessly all day and managed to score a goal to go along with his terrific performance

4.David Luiz is still David Luiz:

After his big money move from Benfica in the 2011 January transfer window, David Luiz has always had his critics. The major problem people saw in him was that he had major lapses in concentration. Though having improved somewhat in this area helping shut down the likes of Nicolas Gaitan and Edinson Cavani, David Luiz still possesses these traits. In the match vs Seattle he was caught on the ball many times and seemed to look in his own world. We can not afford mistakes from Luiz if we are going to push for the EPL title this season.

5.Lukaku should NOT go on Loan:

Ever since Drogba announced he was going to leave Chelsea everyone has been saying we need a new physical striker. Names such as Hulk, Cavani and Falcao have talked talked about arriving at Stamford Bridge but top class strikers like these cost big Money. Torres has been assured he will be the main man next season with Sturridge second choice but many have said Lukaku should go out on Loan. Lukaku scored a brace in this game and showed all the qualities to be the next Drogba. We should give him a chance at least and not spend pointless money on another big name striker.


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