2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES A decisive week for Roberto Di Matteo and Chelsea

A decisive week for Roberto Di Matteo and Chelsea

2 draws, 1 shaky win at home against Shakhtar and a loss against West Bromwich Albion has brought a huge blow to Chelsea’s confidence after starting on a high.

Things are different now as Chelsea lack experience when needed and the young players are not entirely capable of turning around their fortunes. A time when Lampard, Cole and Terry are desperately needed.

Roman Abramovich has always stressed on beautiful football and at the same time he wants Torres to play and like everyone else loves David Luiz. With the striker not being able to strike ( 20 passes, 0 shots against West Brom) and the defender not being able to defend , is RDM to blame?

He has done everything perfectly when it comes to tactics, but making the right changes to his squad has resulted in Chelsea’s downfall. His substitutes don’t always make sense. Moreover Romeu did not have a decent game against West Brom and though its understandable that Chelsea need Ramires for our CL tie against Juventus in Turin, he could have played today also for three big points.

The game against Juventus decides Chelsea fate, as a loss will undoubtedly make sure that Chelsea are out of the CL. Three points are a must and a point can be dealt with. Roman Abramovich has always been known for his short temperament in pushing that red button to get rid of managers and he can very much do it once again. Failure in the Champions League will make the Russian Oligarch , personally come down and lead you to the exit.

Moreover the game against City gives no relief either. At the moment, a draw will be a huge result and a boost of confidence, whereas a win that is very much possible, will most definitely change our fortunes. Atleast a draw is needed, if we need to avoid any kind of winter slump and also to keep our title aspirations alive.

Di Matteo is a bit shaky when it comes to making vital decisions. These decisions usually are the squad rotating system, in-game substitutions, management of defenders and ignoring Marko Marin. I cannot say much about Marko Marin, because he can still be suffering from an injury, and RDM is keeping it quiet to avoid the press. Marko Marin could add a lot to the squad and my guts tell me that he will start in Italy.

John Terry will be missed this week as Chelsea desperately need him in the squad to tighten up their shaky defense that is leaking goals. I would love to see Lampard in both the games, as ignoring the tactical side of football can sometimes win you games if you have experience.

Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor

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