Before I start writing, let me assure you my fellow Blues, that trying to put some sense into the thick skulls of the braggers of ‘Beautiful’ football is like trying to convince a nutcase Gorrila that it’s an animal and not a human being.But lets give it a shot anyways.

I am sick and tired (as many of you are too) of trying to explain people Why the Chelsea way is NOT ‘Anti-Football’.

Lets take a look at the definition of Football or the ‘Beautiful game’.

According to FIFA :
 “Association Football, more commanly known as Football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of Eleven players with a spherical ball.The objective of the game is TO SCORE by driving the ball into the opposing goal.”

Did I miss something ? Because I can’t seem to find where’s it written that you gotta ‘pass-pass-pass’ the crap out of your opponent .Lets get something VERY clear braggers of ‘Beautiful’ football, the objective is to score. SCORE. And SCORE.The only goddamn thing that matters at the end of 90 minutes is the SCORE. The ONLY thing that wins you matches is GOALS. Not POSSESSION.No. of passes completed, possession, shots on goal and what-nots. Gimme a break. The ONLY stat that matters in the end is the one shown on the scoreboard. And that is the SCORE.

What mattered in the end? The stats say a different story,But Chelsea won the Champions League and not Barça.

And believe it or not, the meaning of SCORE is the AMOUNT OF GOALS SCORED, not the AMOUNT OF POSSESSION you kept.But of course,I don’t expect you to understand this. Because all of you so called Footballing ‘Idealists’ and ‘Pundits’ are lost in the scramble for your own gratification.

Recently Chelsea, England and Greece have been severly criticised for the ‘DEMISE’ of football and ‘Parking the Bus’. Demise. Really ? Well, Read the meaning of football again ‘Geniuses’.
These idealists are the ones who are truly spoiling the game. They are hell-bent on manipulating the crowd into believing their self-created version of football, about how the game is to be played.I went over the entire article on football, the rules and regulations and everything, before writing this article.And let me assure you geniuses, we are by NO MEANS killing football or being ‘anti’.

This is what I am asking all the naysayers.. Is football all about pass-pass-pass why are they so serious about Tik Tak Toe?

And oh, before I begin, a Word to the Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal fans jumping around moaning about the demise of football. 

Dear Man Utd fans, I hope you remember parking a SPACE-SHUTTLE against Man City in the return leg in the EPL. And by the way, in case you didn’t notice, While your team was busy crashing out of Europe TWICE in TWO MONTHS, we were trying to keep EPL’s self-respect intact.

Dear Liverpool fans, I don’t know for how long have you been walking alone now, but a team that is struggling to beat teams like Wigan Athletic after bragging so much about their history channel, should mind their own business. By the way, out of all the traditional top teams, your style of play is the crappiest, the reason for your current mess.

Dear Gooners, I commend your truly inspirational stand against ‘Anti-Football’. Wow. You guys deserve a cookie for you efforts, because you are nowhere close to winning a trophy for all your efforts.

Ya, so where were we ? Right, the demise of Football. I can’t imagine how incredibly disillusioned can these guys be. Who gave them the right to brand this ‘TIK TAK TOE’ as the Mecca of Footballing philosophy ?

You know what these guys are like ? They are like those colonial rulers from a 100 years back, who had the misconception that they are superior to everyone else.They consider THEIR style of playing to be the correct one, just like the colonial rulers used to think that their way of living is superior and more ‘CLASSY’.These footballing idealists seem to think that football is to be played the ‘TIK TAK TOE’ way. They think that football is all about attacking. They seem to forget there’s something called defence too.

They seem to forget the notion that it’s the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Not the survival of WHINERS.It’s like the clash of two styles. Similar to Federer vs Nadal. Federer (TIK TAK TOE) is PRESUMED to be the epitome of how Tennis has to be played.Nadal (PARKING THE BUS) is however considered to be Anti-Tennis, because he’s not ‘CLASSY’ for some people. Well, Sorry to disappoint, but the way Rafa plays is ENTIRELY LEGAL AND CORRECT.

Can you hear me? SCORING and TAKING your chances that’s what football is all about…..

And hence he’s a tennis legend and the ONLY GUY going after Federer’s legacy.Similarly, it’s no hidden fact that Chelsea are the only team against whom Barça seem to lose their minds. Because it’s natural. It’s a clash of two styles. Chelsea aren’t going to bullied and drawn into that TIK TAK TOE trap of Barça’s.They never have, they never will. We do what is necessary to WIN. That’s the objective of football in the first place. If you think it’s about putting the crowd and the opponent to sleep by passing the ball and doing nothing with it, I suggest you consult the men in white coats.

Did you see a ‘Bus’ in front of Messi when he missed the penalty ? Did you see the ‘BUS’ when Robben, Olic and Schwienstiger missed their penalties ?These are mindless EXCUSES made my the so-called Idealogists who tend to think that they are larger than the constitution of the game itself.
They are self-appointed messiahs of football, who’ll rant about how the game should be played while they wouldn’t bother noticing about the innumerable times Barca and Munich missed their chances. To cover up their mistakes, they’ll put up the Blame on us.

We ‘Parked the bus’ ONLY in the Semis and Finals of the UCL. Did you see it anywhere else ? It’s called ABILITY TO ADAPT. If other teams can’t do it, it’s their problem, not ours.Do you remember us parking the bus against Spurs in their 5-1 thrashing ?In the 4-1 win against Napoli ? IN the 3-0 win over Valencia ? In the thrashing of Genk ? When we beat Benfica ?In the FA CUp finals against Liverpool ? Did you ? NO. That’s the answer disillusioned idealists. NO.Do you know any how many clubs other than Barcelona has this, uh, TIK TAK TOE philosophy has been successful ? NONE.

The truth is, for every single existent ideal, there also exists an ‘ideal’ opposite to it which views itself as the truth.Another truth is that neither Barcelona nor Spain have a Plan B if their Plan A gets bamboozled. All they know is to keep playing pass-pass.If you can counter it and do what CHELSEA did against Barça, what England did against Spain in the friendly and what Greece did against the Russians, You’ll be successful and they’ll panic and start moaning.

No one gave the TIK TAK TOE the official status as the eptimoe of footballing philosophy. And it’ll be much better if it remains like that.When you create a style of play, it’s natural that the opposing team will create a counter strategy about how to neutralise it. Now if that’s successful, then I suggest the ‘Idealists’ to find an answer to counter our style of play, rather than whine about it.

This is football. Learn to respect every aspect of it.Learn the joy of watching the art  of defending, when John Terry puts his body on the line, when Cahill makes last ditch challenges, when Cole makes goal-line clearances.Imagine yourselves in their place and understand how hard it is to do that.

If you can’t, then continue to indulge in self-importance and hypocrisy. Continue to consider yourselves superior.Continue to Disllusion yourselves and continue to forget the objective of football in the first place.

Adios. God save you.


  – RR2

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