An Open Letter To Chelsea Fans

My dear Chelsea fans,

The reason I’m choosing to address you through a letter is because what I’m about to say can’t really be called an article. I’m not concerned with tactics & dissecting what went wrong in a match or how we can improve before our next game. I’m not concerned with stats or score predictions. At the moment, I’m not even speaking to you as a member of Chelsea FC 360. I’m speaking to you as just another fan.

I’ve been a Chelsea fan for a long time now. I’ve supported the club since I was 7 & I have always been proud of the fact that I support Chelsea. The reason for that is not just the club but the fans. Chelsea fans have always been a class apart, if you ask me. While most other fans seem to get extremely frustrated when their team loses or if certain players are performing badly, Chelsea fans have always been a patient lot. We never turn on our players, not even the worst of them. As long as a player wears a Chelsea shirt we back him right till the end. It’s very different to the attitude of Liverpool fans, for instance. Look at how they felt about Andy Carroll. Most Liverpool fans were glad to see the back of him when he moved to West Ham on loan. While it was obvious that he struggled at the club and failed to live up to expectations, Liverpool fans expected way too much of him to begin with and some of the criticism he received was pretty unfair.

Nevertheless, back to the topic on hand. Chelsea fans have always been brilliant when it comes to backing their players & coaching staff. But that seems to have changed a bit as of late. Don’t believe me? Give it time.

Recently, Florent Malouda was sent to train with the U-21s. He told Chelsea fans about this via the social networking site Twitter. This led to certain fans actually hurling abuse towards him. Here are a couple of tweets he received, both from the same user:

“why don’t you just f**k off & join kalou! u had 1 good game 4 us & that was vs Coventry they r s**t”

” me and @******* are sorry 4 mocking u!if u would like 2 send us some signed boots & shirts we will forgive u 4 being s**t” (I won’t reveal any usernames.)

I cannot deny that Malouda’s recent form has been average, even poor at times. He is clearly past his best & needs to move on. That’s obvious enough. But how can fans forget that he was Chelsea’s Player of the Year for the 2009/10 season? He scored 15 goals & had 15 assists & was instrumental in Chelsea winning the Double that season. His form has taken a massive hit since then but that doesn’t mean his past contributions should be forgotten. He may not be a Chelsea legend as such but his Chelsea career has been nowhere near as poor as many fans make it out to be.

Roberto Di Matteo has also received plenty of hate lately. Admittedly his tactics against QPR were slightly baffling. But is it so easy to forget that this man actually led us to Champions League glory? Apparently it is. Here are 3 tweets that CFC360’s official Twitter page received from disgruntled fans:

“he’s not worthy enough to lead d revolution. He was lucky once. Now he’s just plainly showin his tactical flaw. #sacked” (sic)

“… RDM , time is running out! What a weak and timid performance ! #QPR. Makes Chelsea look ordinary.” (sic)

“:it tells me that RDM has lost it, his technical ability is zero” (sic)

I don’t know about you, but reading these tweets made me both sad & angry. Sad because it’s painful to see that certain fans have already lost faith in RDM & want him sacked (or think that he’ll soon get the sack anyway). Angry because they have basically labelled our Champions League success “lucky”. I’d expect rival fans to do that, but Chelsea fans? Wow.

Mind you, it doesn’t stop there. Daniel Sturridge has received pure unadulterated hate from certain Chelsea fans for being “too selfish” while Fernando Torres has also been on the receiving end of some abuse for his performances. Frank Lampard has been a victim as well, while some fans have had the gall to say that Petr Cech is “past it”. Even Mikel & Luiz have been labelled “useless” and “not good enough for Chelsea”. Sadly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not going to go into more detail of how some fans insult Chelsea players. But honestly, it needs to stop. It’s extremely fickle to label our team the “best in the world” when we’re winning but then call half the team “just not good enough” when we’re losing. Being a fan doesn’t mean being there for the team only when they’re winning. That’s being a glory-hunter. A fan must back his/her team through thick or thin, through the good times & the bad times. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with criticizing players. It’s perfectly normal to point out what went wrong but that’s something that can be achieved without calling for the players & manager to be chucked out.

I end this rather long letter with the following message: be happy when Chelsea win & the players play well; be sad, disappointed & maybe even a bit angry when they lose & the players have a bad day in the office. Criticize the players when you feel they deserve it. But please stop hating on your own players. Reserve your hate for rival clubs.

Thank you for your patience. KTBFFH!

-Shayne Dias

Our support to our Legendary Captain JT & about how the world has misunderstood him!

 John Terry | We Stand By You | We love you JT, Our LEADER!

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