An Unprofessional Article

Jose vs Moyes

Moysie. One Premier League game in & wouldn’t you know it, the awe-inspiring nick names are taken out of the bag by the ever humble & unprejudiced English media. Figures.

This is a completely unprofessional article as the title suggests. More than 80% of this article is rhetorical & I would be thankful if you can avoid feeling any obligation towards counter-pointing every other suggestion that you might find delusive.

I tortured myself in to writing this piece after I accidentally stumbled upon a certain mind numbingly ill-decorated Telegraph article written by Jason Burt. A classic example of what NOT to name your article, Jason has named his “Why the Special One Jose Mourinho was snubbed by Manchester United”.

Go read it & come back when you have cooled off.

I assume you found the time to give it a read & I beg for your forgiveness for directing you to a ragingly execrable article, but it’s time we addressed a few stereotypical misbeliefs that are being thrown at our doorsteps at The Bridge.

What is this obsession Manchester United have over Jose Mourinho? Is there any possibility of justifying it? I really am clueless. I wish I had a penny for every time I came across an article reporting that Manchester United chose David “Moysie” Moyes over Jose Mourinho. Is it even true? So what if it’s true? Who goes to jail? Who commits self-harm? Let’s break it down a little bit shall we?

Since Alex Ferguson’s retirement plan was brought forth to the people at Manchester, it was never in doubt that the next manager –whoever that was going to be- was going to have a hard time living up to the standards the big red nose has established. To the surprise of a lot of people David Moyes was chosen to hold the stick at the Theatre of Dreams.

When a management of a certain team decide to hire a new manager, the brains get together, sit down, have a few punts & go over their best options. For the layman, let me paint a picture what does NOT happen in that process. They do not invite world-class managers to their camp & sit them down & give them a questionnaire & ask them to answer as many questions as possible within a certain period of time & see who scored the most & hire that particular manager. No that does not happen.

But it almost seems that the majority is actually thinking that is exactly the way things went down at the end of last season in Manchester. They seem to think that United invited both Mourinho & Moyes to their camp & sat them down & gave them a questionnaire & asked them to answer as many questions as possible within a certain period of time & checked who scored the most & hired David Moyes. No that did not happen.

If that happened I’m pretty sure Mourinho would have scored the most.

Manchester United think tank may have considered Jose Mourinho as their next manager. Maybe, maybe not. They hired David Moyes. Does that make David Moyes a better manager than Jose Mourinho? I don’t think so.

But the media certainly seem to think that United opted for David Moyes over Jose Mourinho. In fact some journalists are adamant that Manchester United clearly snubbed Jose Mourinho in order to retain the sense of sanity & orderly order of daily on goings at Old Trafford. Let me quote a legend real quick here.

“A United manager would not do that. He’s a really good coach but that’s as far as I would go really.” – Sir Bobby Charlton on Jose Mourinho, December 2012

You all know what Charlton is referring to as “that” in his earthly remembrance of Mourinho. I don’t know if age is catching up to Bobby but it amazes me to learn how he has so conveniently forgotten about their previous manager’s changing room antiques injuring a helpless David Beckham. Mourinho is certainly no saint but Alex Ferguson was not second to Mourinho in that regard. Before Roman Abramovich came along, United were the most hated club in England & then things changed. Now Chelsea FC are the most despised team in England without a shadow of a doubt. And I want to thank all of you who hate us on behalf of the whole Chelsea FC universe. We really couldn’t care less about your animosity but it feels good to know that we give you constant nightmares.

Mancunians who believe that United discarded Mourinho because of his behavior, comprehending your state of mind is beyond my ability. If you can worship one of the most controversial characters on earth, for more than 2 decades, how can you cave into the theory that Mourinho was considered too ill-mannered to host Manchester United’s sempiternal ego as a community?

Who are you kidding? Jose Mourinho would have been the perfect successor to Alex Ferguson on so many levels.

For the sake of argument let us assume that Mourinho made himself available for the United job but the club rejected him. So what does it all boils down to? To the conclusion that Moyes is a better manager than Mourinho? That United will win it all under David Moyes? That Moyes will deliver everything that Mourinho could ever hope for?

Maybe it’s just United fans trying to console themselves that their hierarchy didn’t appoint Jose Mourinho as their new manager, who is a genuine winner, a dogged character, a manager who ignites fire beneath the skin of his players, a warrior. Just like Alex Ferguson was. And if the irony has not occurred to you by now, you too must be a deluded United supporter.

So according to the media in this country Manchester United have done the right thing by choosing David Moyes over Jose Mourinho. So clearly they got their way. So there are no regrets. So why do they keep bringing up the presumption that Mourinho was rejected by United? They surely can’t be gloating can they? They are far too classy for that. So why do they bring it up? Is it because they are worried for us? That Chelsea hired a manager who is not good enough to manage United & that we are going to have a terrible season because of that? Are they weeping over our pitiful fate that is to come under Jose Mourinho? Oh the irony.

What’s done is done. For better or worse United have hired Moyes & for better or worse Chelsea have signed Mourinho. Both are done deals. Clutching at scenarios what can be considered as “has beens” seems hardly an integral part of professional journalism, but times have changed & even the zaniest pieces of filth can be flown across the society thanks to biased editorials à la The Telegraph.

The things we do to attract readers eh?

Thanks for your time.




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