2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES Approaching games differently – Arsenal and Norwich

Approaching games differently – Arsenal and Norwich

Approaching games differently – Arsenal and Norwich

Roberto Di Matteo has so far done a fantastic job since he started at Chelsea. Apart from winning us the FA cup and Champions League last season, he has also given us a very good start to the new seasons. Top of the league after 7 games played, only 2 points dropped, 4 clean sheets and 100% win record at home, so far  with 15 goals scored and 4 goals conceded, it’s been an ideal start to boost our hopes of getting the Premier League title, this season.

The new style of play has took a little time for the players to get fully accustomed to it. The first set of games, from Wigan to Stoke, have just been a sort of transition period. At Arsenal, it was a very composed performance, with a completely in-tune team. Di Matteo has approached both Arsenal and Norwich in a very different way. At Arsenal, once we got the lead, we were very cautious going forward. It was attacking, but cautious, keeping players back just in case we got caught on the counter. But during the game against Norwich, there were no such signs. Everyone was pushing forward and we were trying to get more goals. This shows two very different approach against the two teams. Against Norwich, a team that is currently at the lower end of the table, we could afford to go forward in numbers and look for as many goals as possible. While Arsenal, a top team in top form, could get back to us quickly if we did that against them, so we were cautious going forward, trying not to leave too much space at the back for Arsenal to exploit.

Is this a sign of the things to come? Take the big teams cautiously and hit the lower teams as hard as we can?    If that is indeed the case, then it tells us a lot about how smart Di Matteo is. Clearly it shows us that there was no “luck” involved in Chelsea winning the Champions League. Sure there were times when it seemed that luck was on our side, but credit must be given where credit is due. The different approach taken against both teams also tell us that not only is Chelsea improving as a team, but that Roberto Di Matteo himself, is improving a lot as a manager. This is a positive sign as far as Chelsea fans are concerned. A tactically-improving Roberto Di Matteo means that Chelsea will only improve in the coming weeks. The best of Chelsea is yet to come.

Keeping The Blue Flag Flying High,

Konark Antani 

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