Are we too Hazard reliant?

Are we too Hazard reliant?

Since he joined Chelsea for 32 million pounds this summer from Lille, Eden Hazard has made a major impact. Being involved in 7 of our 8 league goals this season he has been the main focal point to our attacks and our ‘go to’ guy. Sure this is great for him and shows he will is fast becoming one of Europe’s best footballers but what do these stats say about the rest of the team.

He has provided us with inspiration and a special spark going forward. He makes things out of nothing and when he is on form he is arguably one of the most dangerous players in the EPL. But so far this season he has lacked support from others as shown by that stat I mentioned before. If Hazard is not on his game then our whole team is off form. This has been shown in the past two matches against Atletico Madrid and QPR.

Both Games we slowed down the tempo way too much and therefore Hazard could not operate in the open spaces and work his magic. When we do this most of the defensive attention goes to Hazard. This either means he has not adapted to having pressure placed on him OR that the rest of the team just isn’t stepping up. Personally I believe it is the latter.

The main culprits of slowing down the tempo to the game and therefore ruining our momentum are Lampard and Mikel. Mikel can be forgiven though as his role is to dictate the play and provide defensive cover, not to start moves. I guess this places the blame on our beloved Frank Lampard. In the more advanced position in the 2 man pivot Lamps is meant to create the tempo and start off moves forward, much like Xabi Alonso and Xavi do for Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively. Instead he is playing a very much subdued role in midfield. Sure he is getting old now but with the pure class he has the least we expect from him is to spray the ball out to the creative players but instead he holds the ball up and allows the defenders to get back. This means we have no creativity what so ever coming from our 2 man pivot and therefore allows defenders to focus on Hazard. Some may argue Oscar is not ready to play in the Pivot but with the re-assurance Mikel provides, his creativity would benefit most in the squad and take some attention away from Hazard allowing him to work his magic.

Chelsea Football Club are in a transformation period thats why we are buying players like Hazard and Oscar because we want to play beautiful football. Sadly the old guard are holding us back somewhat. They provide guidance on the pitch but sometimes it looks like we are trying to play 2 different styles of football on the pitch at the same time. If we play the beautiful football with the intricate players we have at our disposal then we will surely perform better and allow players like Hazard to shine.


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