AVB Opens Up

Finally: AVB Opens Up!

As most of you know by now. New Tottenham Spurs manager, Andre Villas Boas,  has opened up about his final exchange with Roman Abramovich. He also went on to ‘stir up’ Chelsea fans by trying to take credit for assembling the squad. First we’ll look at some of the comments he made at his first official press conference as Spurs manager.

He said: I respect the decision of the owner of Chelsea but I will never accept it. I told him that for me, it was him quitting on me when he had been so much involved at the beginning in bringing me in and he was also (the one) who was not putting up to the things that he promised. What reason did he give to me? I’m not sure if I can make it public but the reasons don’t go along or can’t be applied to the fact that I was dismissed.”

“For Chelsea to have won the FA Cup and the Champions League, it means we were still present in those competitions at that time I was sacked. The squad was being put in place towards the future and the owner took the decision, which I have to respect, but I never accept it. I was very honoured that I was able to put that team together. You could say part of what they achieved is also down to that squad being put together by myself, but what was done after was down to Robbie’s work and the work of those magnificent players. It is never a one-person failure and I will never take it like that.”

It’s obvious from his comments that he had a rocky relationship with Mr. Abramovich and didn’t see I to I with him. AVB felt he should’ve had more time to see out what ‘started’, but was denied. The only credit he honestly deserves, was the decision to appoint Robbie as his assistant manager. I respect what he said about Robbie’s ethics and how he described the players, but it’s unbelievable that he’s attempted to take some sort of credit out of our successes. Sure, when he was in charge, we were still competing in the Champions League and the FA Cup. But we were on the brink of elimination for both. We only managed a 1-1 home draw with Birmingham in the FA Cup and had a night to forget in Napoli, losing the 1st leg 3-1. A 1-0 loss in the league against West Brom ended AVB’s short reign. Thank goodness Robbie was brought in to resurrect our season…

But what frustrates me most are his claims that he ‘created’ the team. For starters, he was driving away the ‘old guard’ out of the team as he thought they were not needed. When Robbie took over and played them, you could instantly see by the end of the season, how influential they were. In regards to transfers, he brought in Romeu and Meireles… and for those who’d add Mata to that list, he was already a target of ours. I believe the way AVB treated Alex and Anelka was just damn right poor. Banishing them from first team training and refusing to let them join in the club Christmas party was unacceptable.

Now that AVB has taken over the reigns at Spurs, it makes our encounters with them that bit more tantalising. They’ll also still be devastated about the fact that we kicked them out from the Champions League and into the Europa League after that triumphant victory over Bayern. I’ll also be interested to see how the managers (Robbie and AVB) react after our teams go to battle. For me, this might possibly be one of our biggest rivalries this season. 

I wonder if AVB will learn anything from his mistakes at Chelsea, or if he’ll just remain the same stubborn character he was with us. We all know that it was Robbie who led us to glory… not AVB. It’s time to show AVB why Robbie is the right man for the Chelsea job!


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