AVB to Spurs – What it means for Chelsea.

 AVB To SPURS: What it means for CFC

Along the expected lines, AVB, AndreVillas-Boas, has been appointed as the ‘Head Coach’ of Tottenham Hotspurs. It was officially announced via the Spurs twitter handle last night.

Here is the official announcement on their website: link

There were mixed reactions to AVB’s appointment, from Chelsea fans. Whilst some were wishing him all the best, others were wishing he would fail at Spurs.

Understandable from a fans’ point of view, as the wounds have not still healed. If you are one of them, just remember this: Champions Of Europe. Feel better?

However, one heartening thing to see was that very few Chelsea fans had any personal grudge against AVB. Even the ones wishing for his failure, were wishing for a rival club’s failure rather than it’s manager’s.

Personally, I feel the Chelsea fans should be given credit for that.

Now, let us see what AVB’s appointment would mean to Chelsea.
First of all, he has joined a rival club. Not just any rival, but one from the London group. Spurs fans would still be reeling form the ill-fate of being knocked out of Champions League next season, even before they could play a single game, courtesy of Chelsea winning it.

A lot of fans would want to take ‘revenge’. There have been rumors of AVB himself wanting to take revenge, for his sacking.

In the long run, AVB could inflict some damages on Chelsea. He has the ‘inside information’ on how the club is run, the tactics they use, training methods and so on. However, that is overrated, in my personal opinion. In this modern day and age, a club doesn’t need an ex-employee to figure all that out.

However, in the present, AVB’s presence at Spurs may have a detrimental effect on Chelsea. It is no secret that Chelsea want Modric. AVB, as well as Chelsea, failed to bring Modric to Stamford Bridge last season. Rumor mills have been running hot with Modric to Chelsea news as other clubs, Man Utd and Real Madrid have backed out.

Modric is the ideal replacement for Frank Lampard. They may not be like to like players. Although, the way Chelsea system is being set up for the future, Modric as a deep lying play-maker, would be ideal in the midfield. Chelsea has enough creativity up front in the likes of Hazard and the guy who has the best minutes/goal ratio in the Euros. (Answer: Mata)

Modric is a more important buy than Hulk. Lot of fans may not  agree with this notion. However, if there isn’t anyone in the midfield to provide service to the attackers upfront, there is no point in having Hulk,Torres and Hazard.

One of the major shortcomings of AVB’s time at Chelsea was his inability to lure, his preferred, players to the Bridge. He would want to correct that wrong. And the first priority for him would be to keep Modric at White Hart Lane.

Also, AVB might be able to influence the Hulk transfer. After all, Hulk was linked to Chelsea, courtesy of AVB. But, that doesn’t mean Spurs would bid for Hulk. Even if they sell Modric for £50 Million, they wouldn’t spend all of it on a single player. The influence could be in the price negotiations between Porto and Chelsea.

All these points are mere speculations at the moment. Maybe these are the thoughts of a fan who is worried, without any substantial evidence, for his club’s future.

AVB may not bother about how to ruin Chelsea, because he is smart enough to know, running the show at White Hart Lane is not going to be any easier than the infamous ‘Project’ at the Bridge.

Player unrest is the first thing he will have to confront. A lot of players are Redknapp loyalists, Modric being one, and they are not happy about his dismissal.

As a result, AVB will have his hands full.

Personally, I supported AVB during this torrid time at Chelsea and backed the decision, of the club, to stick with him, even though the results were unfavorable. As a fan, one always tends to do that. Support every player, official, support staff at the club for the club’s good even if they are not his/her personal choice.

I personally would like to wish AVB, ‘All The Best’ and success, for his future, as long as Spurs loose to Chelsea,  in every game we play, and finish below us on the league table.

I hold no personal grudge against the man. Four titles in a season can’t be a fluke. Frankly he is very talented, but maybe joined Chelsea one year too early. It was very unfortunate to see him part ways with Chelsea in such a manner.

The current season could have been the ideal time for him. Chelsea is rebuilding and Roman Era 2.0 awaits.

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