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Azonto Epistle 12: Keeping The Engllish Flag Flying High

aThe Business end of the season is up and clubs with title and trophy ambition are standing to be counted. It Is at this part of the season where the “Men” are separated from the “Boys”. Yes, boys who will find it difficult to combine European ambitions with domestic duties and at the end of the day, crash out and in danger of bottling their top 4 chances as they always do and surely will do. Some “boys” have also made the top 4 their trophies and one will wonder if you have no business winning it why do you worry the title holders for a spot. Thank God and our finishing power, we look on course to nick the Champions League spot and continue to fly the English flag the highest.

The Historic Treble:

After eliminating Rubin Kazan and making it to the semi-finals of the Europa League, and more importantly the sole survivors of English representation, we are close to making a history and success never chalked by any EPL side, thus win all the European club completions. I mean, the Cup winners Cup, the UEFA Champions League and now the New Europa League. After setting sights on making this history, don’t you think it was by divine conspiracy that we dropped out of the Champions League which we are the current holders and try something new and historic? Should we win the Europa League, we will also be the first club in Europe to have been the champions of the two UEFA tournaments for 10 days before handing trophy to “The Special One” who knows how to win trophy at Wembley, yes it takes special one to win it and inherit the position of Chelsea, yeah don’t get me wrong, I mean our position as title holders of the Special trophy or, is that not what I mean?

Well, talking about treble and winning titles which can hardly be included in the lexicon of a certain “Top” London club, while we are having the thought of having a European Treble, we are glad to have spoilt the domestic treble of a certain Manchester Club. After knocking them out of the Capital One Cup, as if that was not enough, we again showed them the red card in the FA Cup thanks to an April Fool goal by Ba and an April Fool save by Petr Cech. Who never had the thought that that Hernandez header had entered the net. Haha… That was a big April Fool save by the big Petr. So let’s conveniently assume the almighty United team touted to be stronger than the Treble winning side of 1999 can hardly manage a decent win over our young lads although they have contrived to be on top of the League table which I surely believe its not because they are stronger than their Manchester neighbours, Chelsea or even Spurs. The truth is that United managed to avoid a bad patch and managed to grind some results at the early part of the season when they looked shaky thanks to RVP and in the middle season when Chelsea and City went into a form dip, they could soldier on. But in the case of Chelsea, managerial shake up was a contribution to that long spell of bad form. According to Mancini, some clubs play it soft against United, that’s his opinion and I can hardly begrudge him of that.

To Wembley We Go Again!

Here we go again, another season where we have to go to Wembley as it has become seasonal affair for Chelsea so much that it can be called our home. not Just because it is in London but because we have been there more than any other club since the opening of the new Wembley. So City might raise some genuine concerns that the much is not really been played on a neutral ground because it has almost become the second home for Chelsea. this much is more of a Champions of  England match to me since the two teams recently beat the League leaders and its clear that in terms of current form the two sides are on top. So a great spectacle at the Wembley awaits us and we look forward to it to denying yet another Manchester club a chance to win a trophy.

European Giants:

As the draw for the European club tournament was made, it was clear the Men have been separated from the boys. The Four semi-finalists for both Tournament really deserve their place especially Basel who have made it a point to deny English clubs the chance to progress at their expense. The last time, they did it to United and now to Spurs which is not surprising though. But if you were Spurs, won’t you dodge playing Chelsea at the semi-finals, especially when only yesteryear they were well beaten (5-1) at a similar stage in FA Cup? Okay, they may make the excuse that it was only a one-legged match played at our Home, Wembley and never got the chance to have a return Leg played at 3-points Lane. As roll was called for the giants of European club tournament was made, I was happy Chelsea featured prominently in it an the sole survivors of English football which the last time we accepted such a mantle, we went in to lift the giant trophy. So, sorry to Newcastle for being knocked out, maybe it’s an opportunity for them to concentrate on saving their season and escaping relegation. And to Spurs, they have shown that they can hardly combine their domestic ambition with European glory, therefore, we say well done and Chelsea is looking forward to representing London as we always do and England. Basel will be tough but its good we faced them and will want to set the record straight on Behalf of Spurs and United.

Who is the Man Behind The Mask?

Chelsea fans and the world are wondering how we managed to sign a striker whiles the window is shut. Of late, a certain man in a mask is on rampage and some believe it is Falcao in disguise whiles others think he is called Zorres. So who really is that man? Since he bears The name Torres at the back of his shirt, lets assume it is El Niño, that Former Atletico Madrid and Liverpool player who used to cause defenders nightmare is back! His movement, working rate and positioning have been fantastic and it great at the business end of the season for the Club he has separated himself from the boys. 19 goals So far is not bad and scoring regularly recently makes it interesting. RVP has had his say and now he is on a drought which I never imagined it could happen to any player apart from Torres. So, if the Mask holds such a lucky charm that it can so much transform the fortunes of a strike then long may he continue to wear for us. In fact £30M of the £50m should be given to the one who made that lucky charm of a mask.

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