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Azonto Epistle 13: When You Play Against Suarez, Carry a Gun In Self Defence

article-2312829-196D6817000005DC-894_964x433We all think football is a game meant to entertain fans and fulfill talent. Although it can sometimes give you the shock and heartbreak it comes along with, its still an interesting avenue to make you forget some difficult personal life experiences and this doesn’t mean you can channel your frustrations in life into watching it or even playing it in the case of Suarez. It came as a shock to the victim (Ivanovic) and the world when the TV footage showed clearly how Luis (The Carnibal) Suarez attempted to make a meal out of Ivanovic’s hand. Earlier on he had deliberately handled the ball which did not go unnoticed. This is not the first time he has bitten his opponent under the full glare of the cameras and millions of viewers and this won’t be the last time he will do that. So if he can commit such an offence and will only serve a match ban which will in effect be a punishment of his club whiles he sits at home or in the stance comfortably resting then this is no justice. And what happens to justice for the victim. We are preaching for justice and ironically this match was in remembrance of the 96 people we are all seeking Justice for. Well someone will think if Liverpool lets Suarez go unpunished or keep him in their team then he can single handedly give them such Justices on the 96th minute and we will all stop preaching for justice since that’s how Liverpool want their Justice. Isn’t it?

Justice For Ivanovic

Luis Suarez posted on his twitter account that he has apologized to Ivanovic on phone: so should we say that’s all? What happens to the viewers who were horrified by that despicable act? What does an apology mean to a traumatized person who couldn’t get near Suarez again, giving him the chance to have his own justice for the 96 or on the 96th minute, sorry to say. It is so annoying that after blatantly biting someone and taking advantage of it to score, giving him multiple breakdown, you have the temerity to call, apologize and feel its okay and all is well. How many apologies hasn’t Suarez made yet he keeps on repeating his follies. That’s the mentality of a cheat, he has no shame and feels nothing when apologizing. He could have even stabbed Ivanovic and still feel apology is enough to cover everything up, after all it is football we are playing and I won’t go to prison for biting off someone’s hand, shooting him or even stabbing him with a secrete weapon Whiles on the pitch. The worst that could happen to me is to get a ban which I will gladly serve or a fine which my £120000 a week wage can well cover.

In the world of natural justice, you have the right to defend yourself when you are attacked, so, should we carry on us guns and knives when we play against Luis Suarez In the name of natural justice of the right to self defense? If referees keep a blind eye on incidents like these but are able to keep an eye on every second wasted and put together as added time then, referees should do well to keep an eye on life threatening incidents like a zombie act. When he smothered the ball on the line with his hands during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa against Ghana, Uruguay and some people made the defense that, it was an act of patriotism and was branded as a national hero. If such people are the heroes of a nation then the nation has a lot to do as far as morality and FairPlay is concerned. A player who is only defended by his own and no other persons including neutrals is a marketing brand for his country and club.

Rafa Benitez and His Annoying Politics Instead of Tactics

Rafa has been fortunate thanks to Suarez else he would have received some fans backlash for his politics he played with his lineup and substitution. His choice to play Torres for 96 minutes while he will be the only eligible striker to play for us on Thursday was only political not tactical. Not only that, why substitute Hazard for Benayoun whiles Hazard was  one of our few brightest players on the day? He was only burnt on making a homecoming debut with his fellow Kops and nothing more. His retrogressive substitutions lived much to be desired and I am only praying that the season ends and he lives us in peace not in pieces.


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