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Azonto Epistles 4: The Explosive Combination of Hazard-Oscar-Mata: Face Of The Exciting New Chelsea

The Explosive Combination of Hazard-Oscar-Mata: Face Of The Exciting New Chelsea

After taking a deserved break due to a tight work schedule, Azonto Epistles is back. It has been quite long since the time the 3rdedition came; Chelsea had not secured a vital win against Stoke and Ashley Cole had not scored for about two seasons. Also it was Spurs which had received the biggest thrashing of 5-1 in recent times by Chelsea but now its Wolves who have decided to take that burden off our so-called rivals. Maybe it took the intervention of our former boss AVB to have a pact with his former assistant RDM to ease them of this embarrassing record and which in return he (AVB) will run riot on United at Old Trafford for us as a special agent of Roman to Spurs. The last time Azonto Epistles was published, people were still saying we are yet to be tested by a big team and after humbling Arsenal at their own backyard, I guess the cynics and unbelievers of this world will eat a humble pie. Left to me alone, they should continue to write us off and still live in their fantasies that the Manchester clubs are the favorites because it takes away pressure from our team. Let them continue to say the EPL is a marathon and I believe in that because, once I checked it was United who were breathing fire on our neck on the league table but now they are nowhere to be found. Also, John Terry was innocent of racial charges as ruled by the court but now the F.A. has come out with a contradictory verdict which is more confusing to many. Anyway who dares to challenge the almighty English F.A whose rules supersede the rulings of a competent court of jurisdiction. All we can do is to live them to reign as I believe the concept of Separation of powers doesn’t apply in England. So yes, it’s a marathon and some will fall on the wayside as the race continues but one thing about this race is that Chelsea has shown consistency the most so far and lest they forget, a marathon definitely has a finishing line so they it is not as if it’s an endless race. Well the “marathon” analysis can be applied to all and for that reason, Liverpool, Reading, Norwich and QPR can all dream that one day, they will overtake the Manchesters, after all, Julio Cesar says he joined QPR because he believes they can win the league. That is how deluded some people can be so let us allow them to sing the “Marathon race” anthem.

The last time Azonto Epistles was published, the world had not seen the combination of Hazard-Oscar-Mata all on the pitch at the same time running rings around defenders and defensive midfielders. Since the introduction of these three playmakers together which has done away with the use of Ramires and Bertrand on the wings which we were not happy about, the Chelsea team has taken a new shape and a new look. We have become extremely unpredictable in the third half of our opponents. The artistic movement of our three band of attacking midfielders in the opponents’ area is appealing to the eye and it can be akin to a spider weaving its net on a great baobab tree or a symphonic orchestra playing to the delight of its congregation. Indeed football made in the capital of football by the prince of the city, Chelsea, the only champion of Europe, is really delightful.

Early Days Yet:
These days, phrases like “early days yet” have become common usage in the media as far as Chelsea’s lead on the table is concerned and I am sure it’s also used in the City of Manchester a lot. Such mantra is commonly used by the flopped pre-match favorites a lot. However, in Chelsea we also believe in the “Early days yet” mantra been bundle around but in a realistic and respectable way. We believe the team is now taking shape. Mata has spoken of his delight at playing alongside Oscar and Hazard and it has been less done a month since they started playing together. So it is early days yet because the team is yet to gel and RDM is now finding the best team to play a particular team and the best players to play certain positions. The Ramires-Bertrand on the wings problem we talked against has now been sorted. The obvious problem which is the Double-pivot (Lampard-Mikel combo) is also been dealt with in diplomatic fashion by RDM instead of the aggressive way pursued by AVB. In two crucial matches, (Stoke and Arsenal) we have seen Ramires-Mikel boss the midfield which is looking better than Lampard-Mikel combo. So it is Early Days Yet because we are still finding our feet and things are already looking promising. Again, it is Early Days Yet because Moses, Marin, Azpilicueta and even Piazon are yet to be fully integrated into our team. David Luiz at Copenhagen showed his talent at playing free-kick which is even a work in progress; and when you add him to our new free-kick expert, Mata, our flamboyant kid Hazard and the legendary free-kick expert, Lampard then teams will not be happy at bringing down our players anymore since giving our away free-kick to Chelsea will be as bad as giving us Penalty. These days, referees have decided not to award us penalty irrespective of the situation, this means it is imperative to learn how to convert free-kicks like penalties and I was delighted to see us convert 2 against Arsenal and a beautiful one against Nordjaeland (I will always struggle to spell it right). Still on the team of Early Days Yet, Chelsea is not only on the top of the EPL table but also we are on top of our Champions League group, courtesy of a vital win secured away for a very long time as far as our champions league away record is concerned. Since it is still early days yet, City is trailing in their group behind Madrid and Dortmund who irrespective of the “Early Days” mantra being churned out by the English media secured a crucial away point at Emptyhad stadium sorry I mean Ethihad where the stadium was almost empty had it not being the away fans. I guess City will enjoy a repetition of their last season’s performance in the ECL at the long run.

Keeping our Heads Down and Taking it Match-after- Match:
The journey is long and every match is crucial but if we keep our
heads down and work hard to grind results even at the most difficult times like against Stoke, Arsenal and Nodjaeland, Chelsea will be a force to reckon with this season. I have already said we have a strong squad capable of challenging for any trophy and I am beginning to be vindicated but we are not there yet because it is still “Early days Yet”. The boys are enjoying their game and the fans are happy with both the performance and our style of play. That is what every football fan will wish for his club but we are actually living the wish under the new Hazard-Oscar-Mata who have been conducting affairs beautifully for us on the pitch. Should they gel as a team, expect an invention of a beautifully crafted style of football made in London by the Champions of Europe.

Seth Adusei (twitter @sethaadusei)

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