Azonto Epistles 9: Who Our Next Manager Will Be


We are close to the end of a season and as usual, not a single will pass without we being linked to a new manager or top player. Since the appointment of Rafa Benitez was met with a total disapproval by the majority of the fans every manager in this world has been linked to take over from Rafa. The likes of Jurgen Klopp, Joachim Leow, Roberto Martinez, David Moyes, Guardiola ( before his appointment), Jose Mourinho ( as usual), Manuel Pelligrini, Antonio Conte, Marcelo Bielsa, Michael Laudrup… The list can go on and on. So apart from Alex Ferguson and Wenger, every top manager has been touted to take over from Benitez. If I were Benitez, I will be worried and ask myself am I so bad that this long list of managers are ahead of me to take over From me or what? Well he can better answer it for himself and I will not carry that burden of fixing it out for him. Well, the most naive our football fans will know that #RafaOut revolution has accentuated to the ears of the owner himself and no amount of silverware won by Rafa now will save him from himself and his words which he spoke against our beloved club. Therefore the question to each Chelsea fan is, Who should our next manager     be?

This week the new managers we were linked to are Malaga’s Mauel Pelligrini as well as Juventus manager, Antonio Conte, as we live to witness the coming weeks we are going to have new managers being linked to the job On weekly and sometimes daily basis. So brace yourself up for our next managerial conundrum. I believe that baring no Roman shock, our next manager will come from the host of contenders listed above. The media can be so ridiculous and drawing up a guessing list of next manager for Chelsea and fortunately for them since they have included manager possible manager in it, we will get one of those long list candidates being the manager. How sad and Ridiculous it will be for them to boast of their prediction being right and how they intercepted an information from an “inside source”. These days they can even boast of intercepting our scouting report on our opposition team.. How embarrassing they looked when they found out that they have been fooled to publish falsehood. So lets examine the seemingly likely Contenders for our top post.

1. Jose Mourinho (The Special One):

This man needs no introduction since he is the most popular manager among our fans. The Special One as he is affectionately called has boosted his reputation even further after leaving Chelsea by winning Trebble with InterMillan as well as La Liga and Copa Del Ray with Real Madrid. Every where he goes, trophies follow him as well as controversies. He will seek to have total control over sporting activities by the club which limits his chances of becoming the next manager because the man who has pumped his fortunes in the club wouldn’t want to be alienated from the club and sometimes some players he would want to join the club or even see them play. With Mourinho we are assured our club will once again become serious title contenders in all competitions. However, one major weakness in Jose’s management is his unwillingness blue make use of clubs academy. Chelsea can boast of one of the best academy in football with top talents who can develop to become the best in the world. Talk of Piazzon, Nathan Ake, Musonda, Islam Feruz and our on loan youngsters like Courtois, Lukaku, Debruyne, Davilla, Van Ahnolt, Josh McChrean, William, Thorgan Hazard etc. These are top prospect who will flourish with little guidance and confidence in them. Jose is the type who can get the best out of top players and experienced ones as he did with Inter and was accused by Madrid academy coach of of neglecting the Castillas players. If this continues we will be seriously affected. With the coming into force of the Financial Fair Play rules this year, it is imperative to make use of our academy players and any manager who find problem with that will give the club a real headache and personally I wouldn’t want all the top talent we have go wasted. So yes Jose Mourinho will prove to be a constant hit but are we ready handle all the media buzz, the thrills, the fortress he will likely build again at the Bridge as well as his controversies and short term success against the long term stability of the club? Well the choice is in your hands and I encourage you to share your opinions on him.

David Moyes:

Moyes, Everton’s manager who has been the longest serving manager in the EPL after Furguson and Wenger is also a genuine contender for Chelsea’s top job. He has been able to steer the ship of Everton for over ten years without crashing. With the little resource available to him, Mr Moyes one of the most respected British Managers, has brought stability to Everton. There have been times he qualified them to play Champions League. This season has seen him show the world that he can compete for titles with quality players. Unlike Mourinho, Moyes is known to have the credentials of nurturing young talents. He can also spot talents who do not come with the hype and big money with them but prove to be success. The likes of Wayne Rooney, Fellaini, Baines, Lescott and many others were unearthed by him. His relationship with the media is perfect and his understanding of theEnglish game is up there with Furguson and Wenger. He has also been touted to be the successor of Ferguson whom he once declined being his assistant manger in 1999 according to Moyes. However, Moyes despite his long stay with a top EPL side like Everton is seen as not managing at the top level where Champions League football is the minimum requirement. If this happens to be his real criticism then he hasn’t got much since he is working within the limited resources available to him and since he has managed to stay at Everton for this long period of time it means he has managed to satisfy his set targets with respect to the finance and resource available to him.

The next Azonto Epistle will feature the next real possible two candidates to become our next manager. Your opinion is welcome. KTBFFH

By: Seth Adusei (twitter @sethaadusei)


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