The Friday Quiz Archive

Friday Quiz 17 May: Who’s hair?

` The Friday Quiz is back for another week. Can you guess the Chelsea player, past or present, who’s hair Romeu is wearing? Share your comments below. Answers to last week’s Manager Trivia: 1. Who was in charge of more matches at Chelsea, Claudio Ranieri or Jose Mourinho?           Ranieri with

Friday Quiz 10 May: Manager Trivia

With Rafa’s reign at Stamford Bridge coming to an end, the Friday Quiz tests our knowledge of Chelsea’s previous managers. Who was in charge of more matches at Chelsea, Claudio Ranieri or Jose Mourinho? Who was in charge of more matches at Chelsea, Scolari or Avram Grant? Who was in charge of more matches at Chelsea, AVB

Friday Quiz 4 May: Sir Alex Quotes

The Friday Quiz has returned for another week. Ahead of this round’s clash with Manchester United we look at some Sir Alex Fergusson quotes. Which Chelsea figure was Sir Alex referring to when he made the following quotes? “He could start a row in an empty house” “He was certainly full of it, calling me

Friday Quiz 26 April: Goal Celebrations

The Friday Quiz has returned for another week. Which Chelsea players, past or present, do the following goal celebrations belong to? Do you know that answers? Share your comments below, and check out next week’s quiz for the answers. Last week’s Luiz-Mikel Quiz answers: Both at the same time, Luiz with Benfica and Mikel with

Friday Quiz 19 April: David Luiz v John Obi Mikel

David Luiz and his team-mate John Obi Mikel both turn 26 this Monday. This week’s quiz tests your Luiz and Mikel trivial. To whom does each of the following questions belong to, David Luiz or John Obi Mikel? Who won a domestic league title first? Who won a domestic cup trophy first? Who said, “You

Friday Quiz 12 April: AVB trivial

This week’s Friday Quiz tests your knowledge of former Chelsea manager, and current Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas. For what club did AVB make his debut as a player? Under which famous footballing manager was AVB trained? How many trophies did AVB win during his time at Porto? How many trophies did AVB win during

Friday Quiz 5 April: Manager Trivia

In 10 years Chelsea has been through 10 managers, but how well do you know these men? Which Chelsea manager does each of the following trivia questions belong to? Who scored 35 goals during his career as a footballer, before making the transition to management? Which former Chelsea manager was born in Israel? Who has

Friday Quiz 29 March: Chelsea Banners

The Friday Quiz has returned for another week. Words from the following banners shown at Chelsea matches have been blanked out. Can you guess what the banners are supposed to say? 1. Terry, we _____ you. 2. Forget Ulrika, there’s only one ‘good’ _____. 3. Chelsea FC, _____ since 1905. 4. Roman: this is our

Friday Quiz 22 March: Fernando Torres Trivia

After celebrating Nando’s birthday earlier this week, the Friday Quiz now tests our Fernando Torres knowledge. Do you know the answers to the following questions? How many Chelsea matches did it take Torres to score his debut goal? How old was Torres when he made his Spanish first team debut? Did Torres score more goals

Friday Quiz 15 March: West Ham and Chelsea players

Ahead of this round’s West Ham match, we have a special Friday Quiz. The following shadows belong to footballers who have spent time at both Chelsea and West Ham, but can you guess who is who? Last week’s Drogba answers: 2010 2010 2007 and 2010 Four: 2007, 09, 10 and 12 24 Never: second place