2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES Cech or Courtois:Who will be our no.1 goalkeeper next season?

Cech or Courtois:Who will be our no.1 goalkeeper next season?

Cech vs Courtois

Its a tough decision to make for Jose as he will need to decide in the future whether to keep Cech as our no.1 goalie or move on to the talented prospect Courtois and make him our no.1 goalie.

In order to compare them, lets have a look at their stats:

In 2012-13 season, both Cech and Courtois have played 35 times in their domestic leagues this season, and with 19, the young Belgian has kept five more clean sheets than Chelsea’s keeper. Courtois has also made more saves per games than Cech, with 1.89 compared to 1.74, and also has a better claim success rate, with his faultless 100% beating the Czech keeper’s 97%. In terms of pass success, Cech has had more percentage success than Courtois since 2011. In terms of saves per game, Cech had more than Courtois in 2011 and and 2012 but in 2013, Courtois has more than him. And for save success, Cech has had more than Courtois in 2012 and 2013 but not 2011.

Now, stats show that Courtois is improving and soon he will become a world class keeper but there is always an opinion and that is , I believe Cech should be atleast given 2 more season before we can judge as to who deserves to be our keeper, Courtois has been pretty impressive on his loan and I don’t see why he won’t stop doing that.

The reason as to why i mentioned Cech should still be our no.1 as his level of consistency as a goalie for the last 9 years has been superb, he has never failed to impress the managers to pick him as the keeper for the match and he is yet to be challenged by a keeper of his calibre which could be Courtois but bringing on Courtois too soon will not affect Cech at all but Courtois himself, as his chances will be limited.


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