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Charly Musonda Jr, whose father cheated death.

Chelsea FC and Belgian connection doesn’t seem to go away. If someone out there wants to link at least one Belgian prodigy everyday with Chelsea, then one cannot help it. This is transfer season and all the publications are after The Exclusive, which can skyrocket their website traffic statistics. Can you blame them?

So who do we have now, who is supposedly on his way to Chelsea. His name is Charly Musonda Jr, Before this writer explains about this exceptional talent, there is a story to narrate that one would get to see only in the movies.

On 27 April 1993, a Zambian military plane carrying almost all of its football squad, including officials,
crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing all the 30 people on board. It is one of the most heart wrenching stories for anyone let alone a football fan. It is impossible to accept, that such a calamity actually happened.

Charly Musonda, one of the integral members of the Zambian football setup was supposed to be on that flight. However, the injury prone player who was a Anderlecht legend, was denied permission by their coach to play for Zambia. That intervention by his club coach helped him save his life. Club versus country debate was raised vociferously after that incident, subsequently it was revealed that Charly Musonda was recuperating from a knee surgery when the incident had occurred. He was gutted to hear what had happened and vowed to never play for Zambia again.

Charly Musonda Jr, known as Charly Junior is 15 who has represented Belgium in the U16s. According to John Chapman, a Belgium football expert, Charly Junior’s ex-Anderlecht coach described him as a “mix between Xavi and Iniesta”. Sounds exciting isn’t it.

If a reader wonders who John Chapman is and what his credentials are, a Chelsea supporter would be thrilled to know that John Chapman is one journalist who had gotten Eden Hazard to Chelsea transfer saga spot on, every minute details of it.

The question remains of Charly Junior’s arrival at Chelsea FC. This writer reckons it is old wine in a new bottle, one year old wine to be precise. According to an article that appeared in DH.be on 22 June 2011 Charly Sr had already declined an offer from Barcelona (they had visited Barca), Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City and our very own Chelsea. One is forced to believe that some avid fan may have started this rumour just to ‘mix it up’. The source of Charly Junior’s arrival seemingly to be a message posted on his Facebook Page by Mathias Bossaerts, another talented, young Belgian footballer recently acquired by Man City. The message by Mathias Bossaerts to Charly Junior read “Good Luck at Chelsea, Charly”. One’s effort to find the particular message and either of the players’ Facebook page, met with failure.

Charly Sr who is Anderlecht’s youth team coach, wants his son Charly Jr to stay in Belgium and represent Anderlecht senior team before thinking about any other European giant’s offers. The prodigal son has the same wavelength of his father, wants to stay at Anderlecht. A very wise decision in my opinion. Moreover, Charly junior is tied up with Anderlecht till 2018. However exciting a talent Charly Junior is, this writer does not seem him coming to Chelsea anytime soon.

As and when more news breaks out regarding this we will keep you posted.

Till then you know it, YES, Keep The Blues Flag Flying High.

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