Chelsea and it's Youth Academy Mystery -RR2

Chelsea Football Club recently signed the highly coveted Belgian whizkid, Eden Hazard for an estimated sum of 32 million pounds. Now we are close to signing Hulk for a reported sum of 38 million pounds. Thats.. uhh.. 70 million pounds on 2 PLAYERS ?

I am not going to be commenting on the club’s transfer policies now. I am sure the officials know what they are doing.

Make no mistake, the Chelsea youth academy is bursting with talent. Here’s a list of the few names :

1.Lucas Piazon 2.Islam Feruz 3.Nathiel Chalobah 4.Josh McEsharan 5.Nathan Ake 6.Patrick Bamford 7.Jamal Blackman 8.Todd Kane 9.Amin Affane 10.John Swift

I mean, Just look at all that cheddar. I haven’t even taken other names. These are just 10 of them !
Wait wait.. I can’t help it.. Lukaku, Bruma, Kevin De Bruyne, Marko Marin, Billy CLifford, Rohan Ince, Davila, MItrovic, Kalas .. My god .. Just look at these names ! These are the face of Chelsea’s bright future.

2 FA Cups and 1 Semis appearance in the last 3 years. That is the UNTAPPED potential waiting to burst in the Cobham Youth Academy of Chelsa FC.

Which brings us to a question : Do we really need signings like Hazard ? People might argue that our youth players are INEXPERIENCED for the first squad. Do tell me how on earth are they supposed to gain some if they never get a shot at having some ?

Hazard, Erikson, Goetze, Lucas Moura are all house hole names in world football. Why ? It’s because they were given the chance.

Loaning our youth to teams like Vitnesse, Hamburger SV, Genk. Do you really think that’ll help our youth ? Why can’t we loan them at good clubs in the EPL or the LA Liga ? Teams like Bolton, West Ham, Everton, Swansea, Sunderland could always look for a street smart loan signing every season.

Wouldn’t it better if we loaned a player like Lakuka to say Everton/ Stoke City than loan him to wilderness somewhere in Europe ? Or better still, Induct the youth into the first team slowly. Who says our youth isnt’t good enough for the first team ?

We never give them a chance. When we did, Look how it turned out. John terry is now a Captain, Leader, Legend. Ryan Bertand was good enough to nullify a player of Lahm’s caliber in his UCL DEBUT, that too in the FINALS. Is that not QUALITY for you ? If we remember, During Carlo Ancelloti’s reign, McEacharan was playing so good that he was actually keeping Mikel and Essien out of the team for some matches. Then what happened? Our form dropped, we got impatient and demoted Josh back to the bench and went back to the ‘Experienced’ members of the squad. Sad.

Another reason that people give is that since we are a top team, we got the pressure to perform. So we have to stick with the more experienced players all the time. Well, Aren’t Man Utd, Barcelona top teams ? Don’t they incorporate youth and still win ?

We just need to trust our youth more. And let our club legends train them. That’s good enough experience. We have already seen what Bertand has achieved after being trained by Ashley Cole. Just think about it. Lucas Piazon and McEacharan being trained by Frank Lamapard and Juan Mata. Kalas, Bruma being trained by JT, Cahill, Ivanovic and Luiz. Chalobah trained by Essien and Ramired.Courtois trained by Petr Cech.
Lukaku, Feruz, Bamford trained by Fernando Torres. Would not that be the ideal situation ?

Let the youth play in Carling Cups and against less strong teams. Thats how they’ll learn. Not to mention the enormous amount of money we’ll save ( read 170k week wages for Hazard and 70 million on 2 players ).

The way forward isn’t spending on big name players. It’s creating Big name players of our own. Imagine the pride in watching Feruz and Lukaku scoring hat-tricks, Courtois making match winning saves, Chalobah making lung bursting runs, Kalas and Bruma doing a JT, Piazon mesmerizing us with him Samba skills.

This is OUR golden generation. That is the vision that in heart of hearts, every Blue supporter wants to see, isn’t it ? How our chest will swell with pride when we see maybe Piazon winning the Ballon’o Dor someday.

It’s time that we let this vision, this dream happen. We are ideally placed to do so right now. And do, we must.

Here’s to a bright, self sufficient and glorious future for Chelsea Football Club. Cheers Amigos.


-Thoughts of RR2

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