Chelsea MUST Sign A New Striker In January

When the summer transfer window of 2012 slammed shut, almost all Chelsea fans were happy with the business the club had done. And with good reason too. The club had seen a flurry of young, talented and exciting players join the ranks. But quite a few were disappointed at the fact that the club didn’t buy a new striker. Some felt having only 2 strikers was not enough, many felt that with Torres’ erratic form and Sturrdige’s uncertain future, it wouldn’t hurt to have a 3rd striker to call upon. Many argued that if Torres started finding the back of the net regularly and if Sturridge put his head down and worked hard to challenge Torres’ place in the XI, the club wouldn’t need to buy another striker. But with October coming to an end, it’s painfully clear that the club need a fresh face upfront.

Chelsea’s gamble of having only 2 proper strikers in the squad hasn’t worked at all. Torres has found the net in patches and has 6 goals so far this season, but he’s not been at his best. Although he hasn’t fluffed a lot of direct chances, there have been many instances where he has been afraid to shoot and as a result, chances have gone begging. Even though his work-rate at times is unquestionable, he’s still not doing what he’s supposed to do: score goals. It’s brilliant to have a hard-working striker who puts the team ahead of himself, but it’s important that he helps the team by scoring goals. While Di Matteo is spot on in saying that Chelsea have goal-scores all over the team, it wouldn’t harm Torres or the club if he established himself as the main goal-scorer of the team. This would take some pressure off players like Hazard and Mata and they can focus on doing their jobs instead of constantly coming to our rescue when we desperately need goals.

As if Torres’ indifferent form isn’t reason enough for the club to consider the prospect of adding another striker to the ranks as soon as the January transfer window opens, there’s also the small fact that Daniel Sturridge, currently the club’s only other striker (I’m not counting Lukaku as he’s out on loan at the moment and I feel he’s not yet ready for a regular place in Chelsea’s starting XI) is currently in a contract dispute with the club. Sturridge, who has only 1 year left on his current contract, is refusing to sign an extension, presumably because he wants more game time or because he wants to feature for Chelsea as a striker (last season, he openly expressed his displeasure at being played as a winger). Liverpool have expressed an interest signing the want-away striker and may very well be the front-runners for his signature in January if the club fail to reach an agreement with him. Personally I want Sturridge to stay at Chelsea as I believe he has a future at the club, but if he does indeed leave, there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

Even if Torres manages to discover his goal-scoring form immediately and Sturridge accepts the contract being offered to him (an ideal situation indeed), the club still need a new striker as having only 2 strikers simply isn’t enough. Chelsea have made a brilliant start to the season, terrorizing opposition defences and dazzling one and all with their style of play. Just imagine how much more dangerous we could be with a world-class striker at our disposal.

Shayne Dias 

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