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Chelsea officially, the best team in the world

When the words , “best team in the world” pops into your head, you easily imagine  Barcelona or Bayern Munich or Real Madrid or maybe even Manchester United after a drink or two. However, this time, its Chelsea Football Club.

Now, its not me who’s come to the conclusion that Chelsea are infact the best team in the world, but it is the International Federation of Football History and Statistics or simply put, the IFFHS.  The IFFHS have been ranking club teams since 1991 and updated it every month, and  it’s rules and methods of ranking can be found explained here.

The current top 10 are – 

1) Chelsea

2) Atletico Madrid

3) Bayern Munich

4) Corinthians

5) Barcelona

6) Boca Juniors

7) Real Madrid

8) Juventus

9) Inter Milan

10) Sao Paolo

Surprisingly , United are a measly 19th and their neighbors are at an embarrassing 56th position.

In the same way, England are also ranked quite high, which goes on to show that it does not reflect the state of football being played at the current time. Chelsea and Athletico’s, victorious European campaigns have played a huge factor in getting them more points, and higher up the table.

Despite all the disappointment Chelsea has faced this season, they finally find themselves on top of the table, for the first time in a long time.


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