Chelsea On Deadline Day

It’s deadline day, the craziest day of the year for all football fans & clubs. Clubs rush to finish any last minute deals, while fans wait anxiously to see if their beloved club signs any new players. So far, there are 4 major stories concerning Chelsea. They are:-

1) Andre Schurrle to Chelsea– This little saga has been going on since the beginning of the summer. Most thought the saga ended when Leverkusen rejected a bid from Chelsea in July, but certain newspapers are reporting that the deal could be back on. Schurrle, a German international who can operate either as a winger or a striker, would be a brilliant addition to any squad. Chelsea have long been in the hunt for a player who can operate efficiently both as a winger or a striker. Whether or not the deal gets done, however,  remains to be seen.

2) Loic Remy to Chelsea– Admittedly a new one. The highly-rated striker was in talks with Spurs until yesterday, but the deal seems to have fallen through. Remy himself admitted as much, saying, “Yes there were discussions with Tottenham, but they came to nothing and they will not continue.” The deal could cost Chelsea £15M or more, according to Mirror Football. Again, nothing has been made official just yet, but this could turn out to be a brilliant signing if it happens.

3) Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool– Again, another old story surfacing now. Liverpool have been unsuccessfully chasing Sturridge for a while, but the rumour seems to have some substance to it now. If Chelsea do indeed manage to sign Remy/Schurrle, Sturridge could move to Liverpool on loan (Liverpool want him on loan). While I will be disappointed to see him leave the club (I still rate him despite his tendency to frustrate me), I doubt the club would hang on to him if we sign a striker today.

4) Michael Essien to Arsenal– This one had me shocked, as it came from absolutely nowhere. Arsenal have made contact about a potential loan deal for the midfielder, who is yet to start a game for Chelsea so far. Whether Chelsea will accept is another matter. Despite his injury issues, he is still considered a decent player & Chelsea still consider him decent back-up, at least. I’m not ruling out a deal entirely, but let’s just say I don’t see much chance of it happening.

We will keep you posted on all Chelsea-related news as it happens.

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