Chelsea's potential January targets

With just over a month and a half to go until the January transfer window swings open, the rumours are beginning to start about who Chelsea will look to sign. There have been many names mentioned over since the transfer window, with some more likely than others. Here I’ll access some of the potential targets, and how likely they are to happen in January.

Radamel Falcao – 75%

Here is a man who’s name has been on Chelsea fan’s lips since the summer transfer window closed, with many feeling that we should have made more of an effort to sign him. It’s been reported that when AVB was at Chelsea, he wanted to sign Falcao when he was at Porto having both him and Torres competing for the position upfront. Falcao is unbelievable form for Atletico Madrid, and has all the traits of a striker who is world class. Good with both feet, great strength, decent at heading, and most importantly he only requires a half chance to score. With Torres being Chelsea’s only real out and out striker, a move for Falcao looks very likely, with the only question mark being whether Torres will move the other way.

Theo Walcott – 50%

This is one that I’m really not sure on. It’s very clear that Walcott wants to leave Arsenal, due to the fact that he’s not getting the opportunities he wants up front. Forced to play on the wing, when really he wants to play in the mould of Thierry Henry, it seems only a matter of time until Walcott leaves, with his unwillingness to sign a new contract at Arsenal. Walcott’s options would be limited if he did want to leave Arsenal, with Manchester United’s strikeforce already full along with Manchester City. Liverpool have talked about being interested, but Theo wants to play in the Champions League so this would be unlikely. So that would leave only 2 choices for Walcott. Either stay at Arsenal and play out wide, or he could come to Chelsea. If the price is right, Chelsea may well snap him up, with Walcott showing at times he can be deadly when played up top. He would be a lot cheaper than Falcao in terms of a striking option, he’d also be English, but this would also mean that Sturridge would leave. It remains to be seen how this one plays out.

Marouane Fellaini – 40%

With Lampard’s career seemingly drawing to a close, and Chelsea’s options in midfield proving to be thin, Fellaini could be an option for Chelsea. Fellaini has been in great form for Everton this year, proving to be unplayable at times, but this has brought interest from other clubs who can attract Fellaini with Champions League football. This is a deal however that I’m not sure will be done, and there’s a few reasons for that. If Chelsea were to go for Fellaini, he would no doubt play up front on occasions, or in a deep position. This presents a dilemma. Do Chelsea really want to go back to lofting the ball up long, which would be a throwback to the Drogba days? I don’t think so. He may be a good squad player to have, or plan B player, but I wouldn’t spend £20 million+ on him. Also, not to mention the fact that Chelsea have Josh McEachran on loan at the moment, who’s in great form. Next year I’m sure he’ll be back in the squad, competing for one of the two deep lying positions. Don’t hold your breath on this deal happening.

Neymar – 25%

Quite a few Chelsea fans have entertained the idea that Neymar may well leave Santos in January, or indeed in the following transfer window. I’m not convinced for one. I think that Neymar will be in Brazil until after the World Cup in 2014, solely for the fact that he feels his development is still ongoing in Brazil. Every top club is after Neymar, with their being rumours that Barcelona have already struck up a deal, but this may be a bit premature. Neymar has already said that Oscar has tried to convince him to sign for Chelsea, so this is a positive sign. But, the fact is that Neymar would cost the best part of £40 million+ to acquire, and then would have to be thrown straight in to the squad with no grasp of English. I’m not buying this one. Don’t expect Neymar to leave at least until next summer, if not the summer of 2014.

David Villa – 15%

This is a name that’s been thrown around, especially with the way Chelsea have played football this season. For Spain, when Villa was fit, he was the final piece of the jigsaw, and helped lead them to the Euro 08 and World Cup 10. This is a player that could help rejuvenate Torres, and would fit into our system very well. A small player, with a great eye for goal, Villa would be a dangerous player to have. But, he is 30 coming up to 31. At a time when Chelsea are looking to lower the age of the squad, I don’t see them shelling out a lot on a striker who they’re not going to get many years out of. Although he would be good for this new system, I’m not buying this one at all.

So there you have it. A lot of these targets are exciting, attacking players who would add something to this Chelsea squad. We know that Chelsea need another striker in January, but who do you think Chelsea we sign? Comment below geezers!


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