David Luiz – He Came, He Entertained, He Conquered


The Transfer Window of January 2011 will not just be remembered for Chelsea’s success in capturing Fernando Torres from rivals Liverpool, but also for Chelsea paying a hefty amount to get hold of an eccentric defender from the Portuguese League, David Luiz. Benefica initially played hard ball, and Chelsea almost gave up on David, but finally a deal was accepted and we got a lad who could possibly riot in our hearts for years and years to come.

With a friendly look, frilled hair, David Luiz doesn’t wear a look that doesn’t suit his personality. He behaves the way he is, always wanting the spotlight, gladly he does so with a bit of grace. David Luiz was just what a dressing room like Chelsea wanted. Till he came, Solomon Kalou and Jose Bosingwa were the clowns of the team, and then the new member came in, while the former two left the club in the summer of 2012.


What David Luiz brings into the team is nothing new, but wait, it is pretty impressive. While playing at a more favorable Central Midfielder role, he displays vision like that of Frank Lampard, strength and grit like that of Michael Essien, and ofcourse passion like our captain John Terry. What made him shaky in defense was his constant desire to attack the ball, regardless of the position he is in. However at midfield, that problem has been eliminated. Many predicted the possibility of maybe making him play at midfield prior to Rafa too, however, Di Matteo didn’t find it comfortable to play him over there. Rafa Benitez came and performed an experiment, something out of necessity (considering the low number of holding midfielders from in team), but now it has become a masterpiece.

And then, we can always count on him to step up his gear when Chelsea is in need of it. In the finals of the Champions League at Munich in 2012, David Luiz suffered an injury mid match, but he knew the team was already pushed to the limit, and that there was no option for the manager to replace him, so what did he do? He forgot the pain and played on till the end of the game and also gave a really great performance. And we won’t ever forget his rather samba penalty in the shootout – powerful, yet accurate, riffled directly into the back of the net, Neuer having no chance at all. Di Matteo later revealed that David was injured but refused to come off because he knew how important he was to the team.

To top it off, he really knows how to please the fans. Where Juan Mata has won hearts by giving his heart out in the pitch as well as a bit of social networking, David Luiz has given the same effort on the pitch and somewhat more in the part of social networking. He lets the fans know what is happening in his daily life and how much he loves playing for Chelsea. He pranks his fans, plays around with them, and entertains them.

In the dressing room he is believed to be of a lighter personality, he is fearless to oppose our big men (Didier Drogba was once revealed to having got into a fight with David Luiz, and guess what Didier had to apologize to the lad  :P), he has the will of youth all over him, he loves his fans, and on the pitch he is passionate, a vocal leader when the team needs guidance, gets serious and plays like he is one of the big men (JT26, AC3, FL8, DD11, PC1) in our team. He made himself at home, he made himself one of the big men, and he made himself one of us, and there, ladies and gentlemen, you have our very own, David Luiz.

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