Di Matteo: Not About Revenge

Di Matteo: Not About Revenge

Ahead of a potentially fiery London derby that sees Andre Villas-Boas come up against Chelsea for the first time since he was sacked by the club, Blues boss Roberto Di Matteo addressed the media on a range of issues.

Di Matteo’s Thoughts

Robbie confirmed that England internationals Frank Lampard & Ryan Bertrand have rejoined training yesterday and will be available for tomorrow. “Ryan and Frank joined the group yesterday for the first time so had two full training sessions with us and will be available for tomorrow.”

With former boss AVB now in charge of Spurs, the focus will obviously be on the fact that AVB’s Spurs will face Chelsea for the first time. But Robbie feels the focus will be on winning the game more than anything else. “We are more focused playing against Tottenham, a team in very good form with four consecutive wins.We haven’t won in the league there since 2005, a very long time, and they are always difficult games for us to play as well. I don’t think in their mind it is about revenge, it is more about playing against the club and the good players they have.

We’ve obviously worked together and tomorrow we will be opponents for the first time as well but during the game there are not going to be any good feelings between us, but certainly after the game there will. We are in touch from time to time and our relationship is good.”

When quizzed about the action taken against John Terry, he remained nonplussed. “It’s a longstanding policy we have as a club and that’s how we have always dealt with internal matters and disciplinary measures that we have taken against players and we’ll continue to do so in the future.

It has certainly put a little bit of a cloud over the image of the club. We’ve done many good things as well and it’s a shame we cannot talk more about football which is our main priority. I’m sitting here and I’ve a big week coming up – probably one of the most important weeks with Spurs away, Shakhtar in the Champions League and then Man United.

I think the results tell us we’ve been able to focus on the football and not so much the events outside football, and the team has been supportive. We’ll be focused again to play against Spurs and have a good game.”

360 Thoughts

The whole world will focus on the fact that AVB will be coming up against Chelsea for the first time since his sacking. It’s something that can’t be ignored considering the fact that Chelsea won the Champions League after AVB was shown the door by the club. But the focus must remain on the game, as Di Matteo so correctly pointed out. Chelsea have had a blazing start to the Premier League so far and will be looking to carry on that good form with a win against Spurs at White Hart Lane. Spurs have managed to find some form under AVB after a shaky start to the campaign. The fact that this is a long-standing London derbymeans that there’s more than just 3 points at stake. I’m sure Spurs haven’t forgotten that Chelsea made the Champions League this season at their expense and this will add more fuel to the fire in what is sure to be an exciting derby. All in all, one can expect an open-ended and attacking match.

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