Dissecting the Mazacar (Part 1)

In this two part series I am going to talk about our lethal weapon the Mazacar. Part 1 I am going to talk about the Pros and Cons of it and how it is an integral part of our play, Part 2 will be how we can adapt it and improve it.

The Cons
Lets start with the cons and get the upsetting stuff out the way.

1. Defending
At the beginning of the Mazacar it was lethal attacking but it wasn’t that great for defence as none of the trio wanted to track back and help defend leaving our Full backs exposed to 2 on 1 situations. This made our flanks become over run and hard to defend, this is an area that was exploited a lot and we let in a lot of goals and gave away crucial leads and winning positions

2. Opposition countering this tactic
With us using the Mazacar every game it became easy for the opposition to learn and find ways to counter this tactic of ours. The main ways of countering this tactic was Wing play, a lot of team exploited our wings as none of the trio tracked back and United untalised this when they won at the Bridge 3-2, even though we where cheated out of that game. ferguson set his team up to exploit the flanks and push us back down the wings so we could not attack as we got pressed back.

Another way is packing the centre of midfield. Juventus did this in both games we played them, I know its their formation of the 3-5-2 but they utilised this formation to the max by winning the ball in the centre, then using their fast attacking wingers pushed the ball out wide for a cross to come in. This caused us a lot of problems and we could not deal with this tactic as it was a fast moving counter attack.

These two counter techniques of the Mazacar caused us a lot of problems. Juventus are the only team I am aware of that use a formation that can utilise both counter strategies as with there 3-5-2 they can win the ball in the middle with Vidal and Marchisico and they then give the ball to Pirlo to play the ball out wide and attack. It is quite a clever method of play if you watch it in action.

3. No finish
Many times we have watched the Mazacar create a lot of chances only for them to be wasted in front of goal at the vital point this has made us lose games and precious points so we do need a clinical finisher to complete these movements by the trio.

The Pros
There are a some good pros points to the Mazacar as well though.

Attacking Play
Some of the attacking play they do are sometimes awe inspiring and so slick and fast moving, they play like they having been playing together for a long time but in theory its only been 7months but have clicked together so well. When they pass and play together its fluid, fast and opens space in the opposition defence as they are continuosly moving around a passing the ball. With this style of play they open space and that opens up oppertunities to score goals and we haev scored a lot of goals through this style of play. It is enjoyable to watch and the flicks and tricks are just an added bonus.

Used as a Defense?
I know this may sound silly and stupid but we could use the Mazacar as a defence by using the passing play it deploys as a way to keep the ball, like Barca use their passing play to keep hold of the ball and do not have to defend as much because of this.

Being an Integral part of the team
The Mazacar has been the definition of our Chelsea team this season bringing in a new style of play that we are trying to achieve that presses teams high up the pitch, stretching their defence and with stretching that defence it opens gaps for us to penertrate and attack. This is our iconnic part of the team now and all the players in the team are adjusting to play in this style of football, players we bring in should only be players who will be able to adapt well to the system and bring in our young players out on loan ie: Piazon, De Bruyne, Thorgan Hazard then have Lukaku come in for the clinical finishing we are missing (and a bit of bulk upfront as well)

In the second part to this article I will talk about ways to improve the Mazacar, of players to bring in and players we have already that can add to this trio.

Who do you think would be a good addition to Mazacar?

As always leave commments with feedback and areas for me to talk about.


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