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FA re-schedules and Mike Dean does a " ChrisFoy "

Stand up for the real “Foy”

Referee's Chief

Referee’s Chief

This was supposed to be an article on the FA moving Chelsea’s match from. Sunday to Saturday but it almost feels we were had done for by that decision. Starting from Mike Dean’s decision to not book Johnson for a dangerous play that left his studs on Azpilicueta’s ribs, the kicks on Ramires that led to his swinging his arm at Larsson ( though in my honest opinion Ramires should have been sent off) which Dean pretended not to see because he must have seen the actions leading to that moment, 3 penalty shouts for chelsea, the non existent penalty awarded to Sunderland. If Chris Foy was poor in our match with Villa, Mike Dean took it to a whole new level against Sunderland. To quote Mourinho “Dean was fantastic and had an unbelievable game”.

Take nothing away from Sunderland, they put in a spirited performance and deserved something from the match. But this recent haphazard refereeing decisions in England is becoming a cause for worry. Marriner, Foy, Clattenburg, Dean and the list keeps getting longer. To think we’ll see some of these referees in the world cup is downright scary.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories but allow me to indulge myself just this once. Yesterday it felt like we were being punished for having our fixture rescheduled. A case of the devil giving with his right hand and taking it back with his left hand. Mind you the fixture could have been moved to Friday and given Chelsea more time just like Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid was given the weekend off after their Copa del rey exertions against Barca. The English FA should take a note from the Spanish FA’s handout. 7 European semifinals in 10 years underlines Chelsea’s importance and contribution to English football in Europe in recent years.

Irrespective of the results, we’re always stronger in the face of adversity. Stay blue Stay true. Atletico Madrid here we come.

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FA Chairman

FA Chairman


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