Fernando Torres: The Golden Sub

The Golden Sub: Fernando Torres
Coming back from winning the Champions League and FA Cup double with Chelsea, it was evident Torres went to the Euros in High spirits. Experts had predicted Torres leading the Spanish attack in the absence of David Villa. So it came to mostly as a shock when Del Bosque presented his starting line-up in their first match against Italy. Fabregas was preferred as a false 9 ahead of a natural Centre forward, so Torres had to start from the bench. 

 Coming on in his first game to replace Fabregas, who had scored the only goal for Spain in that game; it was evident Torres was determined to prove to Del Bosque, the importance of a natural striker in a game. Although he didn’t score, his work rate and movement on the ball was enough to convince Del Bosque, he deserved to start the next match which was against Ireland.

In the game against Ireland, Torres proved to Del Bosque he had made no mistake starting him, by giving Spain the lead in just under 4 minute. A time which has been recorded as Spain fastest goal at the Euros.  His second goal of the tournament didn’t take long to come as Torres scored again in the second half of the same game to give Spain a 3-0 lead.  Having proved to Del Bosque his abilities, he earned a second start in their third game against Croatia. With Torres failing to score in their game against Croatia, he was replaced with Fabregas, and lost the starting role to him, in their subsequent games till the Finals. 

Fastest ever Spanish goal in history of Euros and a Terrific Brace: Fernando Torres
Coming on in 2nd half to replace Fabregas with Spain leading 2-0, Torres had only 15 minutes to finish the Euros on a high, having been used as a sub, in most games. Less than 10 minutes of coming on, the possibility of not just coming to the spotlight in the finals, but also winning a golden boot was in sight, with Torres scoring his 3rdgoal of the tournament and also the 3rd goal for Spain in the match. This ensured He was on tally with other strikers who had played more games compared to him. Needing just a goal to secure the top spot on the goal king chart, Torres opted to go for an unselfish assist instead when the opportunity came to him. This nevertheless, was enough for him to win the Golden Boot, ahead of the other contenders such as Mario Balotelli, Alan Dzagoev of Russia, Germany’s Mario Gomez, Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. He also became the ALL TIME 3rd highest goal-scorer for Spain and the only player ever to score in 2 consecutive UEFA Euro Finals.

For a player who was made to start most of the games from the bench, earning the golden boot award testifies to his work rate, anytime he was granted the opportunity to prove himself. If only Del Bosque had opted to start Torres in all the games, he could have won the award, with more goals. 

The power, will and confidence that Torres showerd to pick himself up after being dropped out of Del Bosque’s squad for friendlies for the first time has been unquestionable. Under Di Matteo, featuring in 17 matches, Torres scored 7 goals. Since then he also won FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and Euro 2012 walking away with the Golden Boot, taking the remarkable position of 3rd highest all time goal-scorer for Spain and becoming the only player every to score in 2 consecutive UEFA Euro Finals..Oh yes and I forgot this one, he also recorded Spain’s fastest goal in the Euros against Ireland.

As a player there is no running away from the fact that Torres is truly a Golden Boy. With so many records, titles and achievements to his name he is still (after a couple of his worst season) one of the most feared striker in the world.

Now, 50M suddenly looks like a Bargain again.! With the Euros over and the players returning to Cobham, in the coming weeks, Torres win will only serve as a boast, for a player who is gradually regaining his form, and the best will surely be expected from him, next season. If he continues showing this rate of improvement, everyone in this world knows that he would be receiving the Premier League’s Golden Boot this coming season.

Untill next time, KTBFFH.!

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