Feroze Ali: Meeting El Nino

Feroze Ali: Meeting Fernando Torres

Meeting any footballer in the world is unreal. Never in a million years would I have imagined to meet one, let alone have a conversation with El Nino.

When I was in Dubai on a vacation, I heard lots of rumors circulating that Torres is in town as well. It was far from surprising, as Dubai is a place where a lot of celebrities stop by. When it was confirmed that he was in Dubai I found out the date when he was leaving. A great thing was that it wasn’t just him I got to meet, there was Olalla Dominguez, his wife.. his son Leo Torres and Nora Torres as well, his daughter. Olalla’s parents also were there, which makes a lot of sense as he flew back to Madrid, instead of London. The day I saw him I waited for about 30 minutes, then I saw the Torres family walk slowly to check in their bags. As any celebrity, Fernando was wearing sunglasses and trying to hide himself.

It was pretty hilarious since the disguise somewhat worked because a random kid who wore the Spanish Torres shirt literally walked past Torres. Still not sure how the fan couldn’t recognize the golden boot winner. Olalla and her parents were checking in the luggage, Nando was holding Leo and just talking with him. I slowly approached them and Torres was facing towards Olalla so instead of approaching Torres first

I approached Leo. “Hi Leo” ..I just said hi to Fernando Torres’ son. Torres turned around, he was a bit confused as to how I knew his son’s name. I then asked Nando if I could get a picture with him, to which he replied “Sure.” 1 click… 2 clicks… Torres then said “How many more?” as a joke.. and he started laughing and then we took the 3rd and final pic. After taking the picture I had no idea if I should just leave like any fan would or should I still talk to him as Olalla was still checking in the bags. I didn’t think much just started to talk to him, I mean it isn’t a big deal to talk to Fernando Torres, when in form one of the best strikers, World Cup and European champion. Started a conversation and asked him why he came to Dubai of all places, told me he wanted to spend time with his family in Dubai (his favorite tourist destination) also it was his daughter’s birthday a few days before. El Nino also mentioned he loved the weather of the Middle Eastern City. The conversation lasted about 3 to 5 minutes but still can’t believe I talked to him. Then said goodbye to him and Leo, high five Leo, shook Torres’ hand. Said “Thanks for the goal against Barcelona, congrats on the Golden Boot, Love you man!” And walked away.. After a week

I heard that Fernando’s grandfather passed away the same day I met Fernando. And still he was being so nice towards a fan, massive respect. This probably wouldn’t mean a lot to a few but for me he totally made my day.

That was surely a day I can never forget. Winning the Champions League, FA Cup and then meeting him summed up last year.

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