Feroze Ali: My two cents on Fernando Torres

Feroze Ali with Fernando Torres

Feroze Ali with Fernando Torres

Chelsea FC 360 are happy to be publishing Chelsea FC’s video editor Feroze Ali’s article on Fernando Torres exclusively. Feroze Ali has millions of views on his videos and thousands of subscribers and over 39 thousand followers on Twitter. His videos have been published on Chelsea TV and he is followed by the likes of Oscar on Twitter.

Heartbreaking moments

Heartbreaking moments

January 31st, 2011.. Deadline day. The moment almost every Chelsea supporter couldn’t believe… Fernando Torres was about to join Chelsea Football Club. To be honest I still can’t believe it.. but it happened.

Fernando Torres joined Chelsea Football Club, surely nothing could go wrong.. like our previous strikers who didn’t live up to expectation (Shevchenko, Kezman)… Fernando was proven in the Premier League, was one of the best strikers in the world.. and signed at the perfect age as well (when form usually hits).

Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there… we signed him with no plan whatsoever, playing the Drogba game (dumping long balls) to the Spaniard in his first few games and he just didn’t know where to make the runs, when he made them the teammates were too late to spot them, or when he had a chance he got very unlucky (wonder saves, posts denying him).

I mean what has really happened?! Is this the same player: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZzTyli77IE every player almost every Chelsea supporter was scared of when he played against us.. whenever he touched the ball we feared the worst. Signing him with no plan, him losing confidence after his goal droughts, and age getting to him now. The moment when everyone realized that he isn’t going to be the same player anymore was the game last year against Manchester United at Old Trafford. He showed glimpses of his former self .. but that miss.. that was it. Even he knew that he will never be the same again.

At Chelsea we used to dump long balls, and for the past few months when we played good possession football.. it didn’t suit Torres cause even at Liverpool almost all of his goals were maximum 2-3 passes..but even now if we reduce our passes it’s too late, he’s lost confidence, his pace, it’s just too late..

An article came out saying he didn’t care if Chelsea won or lost… that article is just out of frustration from his part.. honestly despite him making millions I feel for him.. he has tried time and time again to make things work, unfortunately Chelsea+Torres just don’t fit. I remember talking to him a few months ago in Dubai he said he just can’t wait to return back to London and win trophies for the fans and supporters because that’s what he cares the most about which is to repay us..

No matter what though if a player plays for Chelsea Football Club I will continue supporting him.. be it Torres, Malouda, Lampard, Ferreira, etc.. will never wish him bad.

Feroze Ali


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