Friday Quiz 1 February: Goal Commentaries

The Friday Quiz has returned for another week. Ten famous Chelsea goal commentaries have been repeated below. Who scored the goal and when was the goal scored?


  1. “It’s going to be ___ ___ who will take it. And everything has gone well for Chelsea this evening I wonder whether the penalty will because they haven’t had a good record, last season and this, for taking penalties. ___. Uh, dear oh dear I don’t believe it. I hope I’m not being too unkind to ___ ___, a player of undoubted quality, but that has to be the worst penalty I’ve ever seen at this level of football. “
  2.  “Lampard, here’s Cole, slid in to ___ who’s gonna try his luck. That’s even better, that is world class! Two goals in two minutes for the youngster on his first start for Chelsea. You couldn’t write about anything like that.”
  3. “And here’s Chelsea with ___. He’s into the box, ___ ___, this could be a seminal moment, he’s scored! ___ ___’s put it in and Chelsea are half an hour from the title. Tremendous play by ___ ___. ___ ___ perfectly poised to force his way into the penalty area, back onto his strong right foot and berries it!”
  4. “___ is in. This could be the most traumatic story of the season. It’s ___ to give Chelsea a place in the Champions League final.”
    “ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Unbelievable. Unbelievable. That said, the last 18 months have just been forgotten in two seconds. Look at those Chelsea players, the bench, the manager, they’re all on the pitch, they’re jumping around like mad. It’s gone absolutely wild. “
  5. “Chelsea have got two on two here. This could be the title. ___ ___ to win it, he’s got it. Two nil. There’s no way back for Bolton. Give Chelsea the title. Fifty years on!”
  6. “le Saux to take, not a good corner, but still turned in brilliantly by ___! Well it looked like a back-heel into the net. Extraordinary finish from ___ ___, instinctive and absolutely brilliant! Well he is determined to finish his career on a high. Oh look at that, that was sensational!”
  7.  “___ with a little room to work in. Wooooah! What a strike. What a way to make your introduction to the Premiership. The first game of the season brings the first candidate for goal of the season.”
  8. “The big boys are coming forward, David Luiz, Gary Cahill, Drogba. Everyone, just about everyone in the penalty area for Bayern Munich. Mata’s corner, ___ gets there, and they’re level. Chelsea have equalised. ___ ___ again the hero for the blues!”
  9.   “Now the burst sight of Chelsea on the attack with ___ ___. Oh and a good runner he is, and ___ ___ shoots. Oh what about this? What about this? It’s got to be the quickest ever goal at a Wembley cup final. It’s ___ ___ ___ inside forty five seconds. An unbeleivable start by Chelsea.”
  10.  “Change of mood, Defoe, good challenge, ___! Oh it’s not over the line! It looked it, referee looked at the assistant and the assistant kept his flag down. Play goes on…we’ll did England equalise there? Did ___ ___’s shot bounce over the line?”

Arsenal quiz answers

  1. 2003-04
  2. Didier Drogba with 13 goals
  3. William Gallas
  4. 2007 Carling Cup Final
  5. Ashley Cole and Nicolas Anelka
  6. Ashley Cole
  7. Yossi Benayoun
  8. Ray Parlour and Freddie Ljungberg
  9. 2008-09
  10. Lassana Diarra

Good luck to the boys this weekend against Newcastle. Share your favourite Chelsea goals in the comments bellow.


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