Hulk to Chelsea, Exposé

Truth, Lies, Rumors, Facts of Hulk to Chelsea Transfer Saga

A lot of our readers and followers have been eager to know that latest on Hulk’s transfer to Chelsea. Everyday, more often than not, the day starts with someone asking about Hulk and whether he has joined Chelsea or will he ever join Chelsea.

When the Hazard saga was taking place, this writer personally did not think there would be another transfer saga around the corner and one that would even challenge Hazard saga for the ‘Saga Honors’.
Today’s news ‘Reports’ have been full of Hulk and Chelsea related transfer news. If you are wondering about the “Reports”, it is because of the quality of the sources reporting those news.
So what is the latest on Hulk to Chelsea news, one may wonder.
In simple terms, the deal has not been worked out yet. Yes, that is a sad news to every Chelsea fan, as Hulk has impressed many with his skills. If Hazard hasn’t still proven himself at the top level, Hulk already has and he still has a gear or two more left to go. That explains this ridiculously overpriced transfer fee and an inflated buyout clause of €100 Million, which is even threatening Messi’s buyout clause.
A few weeks ago we had posted an article about Hulk, (click here for the story). In that we had mentioned, the main hindrance in Hulk’s transfer to Chelsea is that Porto does not own 100% of his player rights.
And surprise, surprise, the reports today are claiming the same point. Disclaimer: we are not taking credit for any of that.

Almost all of the reports out today on Hulk seem to centered on an interview given by Hulk to O Jogo, Portuguese ‘Newspaper’. We will leave it to you to form an opinion on the veracity of the source. Our efforts in trying to access the video of that interview met with failure. Moreover, while in the middle of writing this post, that video mysteriously ‘vanished’ from its homepage.
Truth: of the matter is 15% of Hulk’s player rights are owned by Rentistas – 10%, an Uruguayan football club based in Montevideo, and  Theodore Fonseca – 5%. Also reported in ABola
What that means is that 15% of the returns from Hulk’s sale would go to those two. That is, If Hulk were sold for, let us say, €100 then Porto will only get €85. So higher the price, better it is for all parties involved who won Hulk’s rights. 
Another important, Fact is, according to English Premier League/FA rules, for an EPL club to enter into a deal, the selling club must own 100% of his rights. A player cannot be owned by more than one institution.
Another fact is that Porto are facing severe financial difficulties and the sale of Hulk alone will save them. Hence, the reason for Porto holding Chelsea to a ransom. Furthermore, Porto do not want to pay Fonseca or Rentistas. They want Chelsea to pay for the remaining 15% of Hulk’s rights as well.
Rumor also has it that PSG have tabled an offer worth €53 Million (£43Million), according to a French source. Also they claim, PSG had made an informal offer of €72 Million back in January.
Previously, there were reports suggesting, PSG were in search of a striker and they had listed Tevez and Cavani as their favorite choices. Since, those bids were rejected by Man City and Napoli, PSG have turned their attention to Hulk.
Do you think, ex-Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti, would buy Hulk who essentially plays a winger/right-forward to play as an outright striker?
Also, as one our fellow Blue pointed out rightly to this writer on Twitter (the tweet), Ezequiel Lavezzi to PSG is almost a done deal. Lavezzi plays at Left-Wing and can be used as a Striker. A position very similar to Hulk, only difference being Hulk prefers playing on the right side.

There was a talk in one of the forums that Hulk does not intend to leave Porto and all this has been a ploy by him to raise his annual income at Porto. Personally, this writer does not believe in that notion.
In an interview to ABola, a few weeks back, Hulk had mentioned that he has an ambition to represent Brazil in the London 2012 Olympics. Also, he wants to be a regular starter for Brazil in the future. In order for that to happen, he had said that he needs to impress his coach with top notch performances at club level in a top league. As a result, EPL was his preferred destination and Chelsea his preferred club. 
When certain sources claim that Hulk is keen on Chelsea transfer, that is just ‘Old Wine in a New Bottle’. He had revealed his desire to play for Chelsea ages ago.

Do you think if Hulk were to play in French Ligue 1, that would help his cause? This writer in no way is claiming the French Ligue 1 is inferior or does not possess quality. In fact, it is the opposite. French Ligue 1 has produced many exceptional talents and as a Chelsea fan, very thankful to them too. Makalele, Drogba, Essien and Hazard all have been their products. The noteworthy point being, Hulk himself said he wants to play in a league that is more challenging than the Portuguese Super Liga.
There have been other rumors linking Hulk to Tottenham. Frankly, this writer does not see Spurs spending £38 Million or more. Those rumors surfaced after reports of AVB being contacted by Spurs for the vacant manager position came out.
The question remains. Will Hulk be playing for Chelsea next season? 
As was the case with Hazard transfer, Chelsea have been tight lipped about Hulk. If the rumors, that claim Chelsea is unwillingly to concede to Porto’s negotiating tactics, are true, then as a Blues fan this writer is happy.
As for the cases of what happens with the Hulk transfer and all the rumors that have surfaced, this writer will leave it to the reader to come to a conclusion based on the points mentioned in the post.
We would love to know your take on all this.

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And as always KTBFFH.

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