2017 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL HOTELS, CARDIFF June 3RD & KIEV 2018 - CLICK HERE to BOOK HOTELS PACKAGES If Juan Mata moves to United: The options at hand

If Juan Mata moves to United: The options at hand

Mata to United rumors are in full swing. If reports are to be believed the negotiations between Chelsea and United representatives have begun in order to lure Mata away from Stamford Bridge. Mata is definitely not going to be happy at SB with very little game time and getting to play in games involving lesser opponents. Surely he would be looking for more first team football afterall it’s the World Cup year and his place in the Spain XI is in jeopardy. He has to prove a point, a point he is not able to prove at Chelsea under Jose.

Lets take a look at possible options Chelsea management face regarding Mata’s future and a potential new club for him in Manchester United

1. United to sign Mata for say £40-42 million:

A GREAT deal for United. United get one of the best CAM in the world for a premium yes, but quality is never cheap and in today’s inflated market, it’s a steal. Knowing what Mata can do on the pitch, i say he is worth it. United gets the better deal with respect to player and cash in the long run.

2. United sign Mata and Chelsea get an “option” on Rooney:

Jose is a massive Rooney fanboy and he will be looking to get something on Rooney in return. A transfer in January is out of question although this will be Jose’s first demand. If not he would be looking for an option in the summer. Meaning Mata to United in January, Rooney to join Chelsea in June.

This to me is the most likely scenario.  Since United are struggling for top 4, United would want to keep Rooney and add Mata in the squad to add quality. Once that goal is achieved or not, even then Chelsea can have Rooney who will have just one year left on his contract and a move to Chelsea will earn United handsome cash as well. Win Win?

3. Mata and Rooney direct swap in January

This is highly unlikely considering Rooney’s importance to United to get the 4th spot. It leaves united back to square one selling one classy player for another. Net effect is Zero.

4. Keeping Mata no matter what or sell to PSG if the interest is there

The option i would favour. He will obviously go there for lesser value but still better than pulling off a Wenger by selling your best player from last 2 years to a rival club.

We can can tempt PSG to sell Cavani, another unlikely move but better than selling Mata off to a rival.

Fact of the matter is Mata is as good as gone, if not in January then in June. But who is the better suitors in all this fiasco?

Mata move to United is not a logical one either. United with Mata and Rooney in the XI in a 4-4-1-1 system leaves United playing Mata on the wings. not his best position. Mata on the wings leaves United with defensive problems as well for an already weak backline you surely don’t deploy wingers who are lazy off the ball.

Unitted will have to change the system altogether which i don’t think can happen. It’s just not the ManUtd way.

It’s annoying really but it’s best for Mata to move a move to a non rival club i.e. PSG or if someone from Spain calls.

Some tough decisions to be made, but wherever Juan goes, i hope the Chelsea fans will let him know that he DID MATA.

To sum it up .. Chelsea NEED Rooney, United WANT Mata. Lets see who wins on the negotiation table.





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