Fallen Hero?

Legend has it “Form is temporary,Class is permanent” And this statement clearly suits and implies to our £5O million man Fernando Torres. Now its been almost 16 months or so since the Blues signed Torres from Mersyside Red. Yes those months haven’t  been the best for Torres on a personal level and he hasn’t been performing the way he is widely known for. Torres has basically been described as a world-class striker and is “quick, strong, impressive in the air, blessed with expert technique and is cool and collected in front of goal”

Well that is true no doubt but we got to see Toress strutting his stuff and showing his remarkable abilities in the pre-2010 years. That was when he was at his peak of his career. Yes even today he’s a remarkable player no doubt. He works for the team has loads and loads of assists and maybe is behind Mata in that section.But he’s basically a striker and in the second half of the season we gotta see some glimpses of the old Torres who used to pass defenders with his incredible pace and determination.

Well the naysayers complain about his price tag and all but at Liverpool he had a team which was built around him. But at Chelsea he was playing in a rigid,less flexible and a diamond formation system which doesn’t suit his style. RDM did find a formula to get the best out of his lad in the classic 4-2-3-1 with him as the lone striker. Sure he had his moments against Barcelona and others and looked a newly born player in the latter stages but missed the starting places with RDM calling the big man for the big ocassion.

With Didier as the man for big ocassions, Torres had to compromise for a place at the bench.
Chelsea have doubt surrounding their striker position which is evident with the Hulk saga yet to be resolved and rumors pouring in daily, but Fernando Torres is the answer.

He has been pining for the glory days at Liverpool, when he latched on to through balls from Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso after his coveted £26.5m move from Atletico Madrid  in 2007.
Chelsea’s technical staff have been analysing their pattern of play, searching for a solution well before the new season starts on August 18. The statistics are remarkable, supporting the theory of technical director Michael Emenalo and Abramovich that Chelsea must alter their playing style radically.Of his 81 goals for Liverpool — finishes that convinced Chelsea to sign him in January 2011 — 56 were scored by leaving defences flat-footed and beating them on the break.

They are his signature strikes and the other 25 were the icing on the cake for a player who went on to win the Euros with Spain in 2008 and the World Cup two years later.
His goal in the Nou Camp against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final second leg was a confirmation Torres is all about taking out defenders on the turn.

Time for Nando to take the center stage and prove the doubters wrong..
With Didier leaving, there were doubt as to who the new striker would be for the Blues. Romelu Lukaku doesn’t seem ready, and Daniel Sturridge took some steps backward at the end of last year. Rather than spend a ton of money on a new striker, Roman Abramovich should just rely on Torres. 

Chelsea have already supposedly agreed to spend nearly £80 million for Eden Hazard who is already a Blue now and so is Marko Marin.The team now will be well and truly will be build around
Torres who has to take the advantage of the situation and has a chance to rediscover the form of good old days.The Hulk saga is also believed to conclude soon. They still need to fill the right-back position, and the team could use some reinforcements in the defensive midfield too.

Well in between there were also rumors suggesting that Torres is unconfirmed about his future at Chelsea. It was highly publicised in the media where Torres was quoted as saying he felt bad when he didn’t start in either of the finals and wasn’t in the Top-5 penalty takers in Germany.Well all that has been sorted out and Torres is very much a Blue.

With three options up top, the club has no reason to spend £50 million on a  Radamel Falcao or another desperate move (someone like Karim Benzema or Edinson Cavani).
Sure, if Arsenal offer Robin van Persie for a small price, go after him. If United are sick of Wayne Rooney and want us to have him, why not?
Neither of those players are leaving their club, and Chelsea aren’t going to make a move for them. Without a player of that caliber, Chelsea have no reason to bring someone in.
When push comes to shove, there isn’t a better option.
Chelsea are hoping to bring in a few more players this summer and the club’s total spending could run up to around £125 million. Obviously, Abramovich and the club have money to spend, but don’t expect the total spending to eclipse much more than the £125 million mark.
A point to prove for Torres in Poland-Ukraine…
All the team needs to do is keep Torres as the striker.Mr.Abramovich supported Torres when he was down, and the Spaniard seems very grateful. The two are on the same page: Torres needs to be Chelsea’s starting striker next season.

The Blues also need to stick with Torres because the club has bigger needs than the striker position. The cost of another world-class striker wouldn’t be worth it. And Abramovich already supports Torres so the rest of the team, assuming Torres comes into camp in form, should follow suit.
Drogba leaving Chelsea creates a problem for the club. Luckily, Torres is there and ready to solve it.

He has a point to make to himself and the world and his time starts now with the Euros up and running if he can reproduce the performance of 2008 he’ll surely be back to his best and will be brimming with confidence for the next season.

Till the next time yes you know it KTBFFH!

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