Is Jose The Solution To All That's Wrong?

Will he? Won't he? The captivating possible return of the Special One, but is he the solution to everything?

Will he? Won’t he? The captivating possible return of the Special One, but is he the solution to everything?

The story has been increasing in magnitude in recent weeks, the much hoped for return of the Special One for Chelsea. The man who converted Chelsea from the nearly boys of South London to a team of born winners – with the help of some helpful investment from Roman Abramovich. The Special One gave us euphoria in the victories and the silverware but gave us heartbreak in his departure. Many managers have failed to survive in the shadow of the Portuguese tactician’s long coat and masterful winning record.

Throughout this roller coaster season, many problems at Chelsea have fully appeared. Many see the return of this man the answer to everything, and I tell you now, Jose won’t solve everything.

First point addresses to consistancy, plenty of you have banged on all season about the lack of consistancy in our managers all season, how we get through them at a fast rate, sacking here and there, no manager lasting long in the Chelsea hot seat. Obviously, the natural step here is to employ the man who spends 2 years at a club, raises them to incredible heights and then leaves, with his CV well in tact. Whilst I absolutely adore Jose, if you want a manager for long term, look else where. Jose is not a long term solution, regardless of the affections he may have for the club.

Another thing I have noticed is the large number of people saying “Jose wouldn’t let us have bad domestic form” to which I say, have you seen Real Madrid this season? Plenty of dull and disappointing draws or defeats against lower teams and sub standard performances.

The expectations we have are sky high for Jose, he’s arguably the best manager in the world, but I doubt he’d solve the Torres dilemma. He can’t sack Gourlay and Bruce Buck. Apparently if Jose is to come, he wants Emenalo gone, wants however many millions per year and wants Lampard to stay or whatever, but we don’t know this. It’s all speculation. Stories like this gather interest and sell papers. Sports papers adore Jose because there will always be a news story, always something that they can make money from and when his future is in doubt, it’s an absolute goldmine for them. Any club would want Jose, so the newspapers can say whatever they want, and people will believe it.

It’s at this point in the article that I must point out why I’m being so down on all these stories linking Jose to Chelsea and thats because I don’t want to get my hopes up too high because if he then goes to Manchester United, the disappointment would be overwhelming. Many claim and believe Jose is already our manager and are awaiting the official announcement, so god knows how they’re gonna feel if he goes elsewhere.

Jose would be brilliant to have back at the club, a boost to the fans and a boost to the players but he won’t solve everything at the club. Like I said, he’s not long term and he isn’t going to be able to solve the board buying players or Gourlay and Buck doing what they do. The player power in the dressing room, the controversial atmosphere that eminates from the club, the lack of faith in the youth we have. Whilst I’d love Jose at Chelsea, he’d last no more than 2 years and the problems we have aren’t going to go away in a short space of time. Perhaps long term isn’t always best *cough* Wenger *cough* but then we Chelsea fans are never pleased. There are problems at the club Jose can’t/won’t solve, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy with his appointment.

Some say you should never go back, are they right? Would Jose’s reappointment be the solution or would it all end in heartbreak? Let us know your views and feedback!


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