Is Mourinho the answer?


“Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European Champion and I think I’m a special one.”

It is every Chelsea fan’s wish that Mourinho returns to Chelsea.  Truth be told, he engineered the most successful period in Chelsea’s history. His love for the club cannot be disputed. He eats, sleeps and bleeds Chelsea. His maiden return to Chelsea looks as a real possibility, with him and the owner finalizing his ‘comeback’ contract details. With the many troubles off and on the field in recent seasons, the question of “Is he the right man to steer Chelsea back to the glory days?” cannot be wished away. This post’s main objective is to critically analyze how, if he returns, Mourinho will impact the club.

We all know the great deeds he has done in the various clubs he has managed. That is not disputable. We also know the bitter sweet tales in the same clubs he has managed. A sad fact that also cannot be ignored. It is my wish that at the end of this post, you will be able to correctly answer the query raised earlier on.

His period at FC Porto propelled him to his stardom status. After a disastrous start to 2002/2003 season, FC Porto hired him to transform their tidings and true to their belief in him, he did not fail them. He led them to the league title, domestic cup and EUFA Cup Final in his first season. He again led them to another league title but the most outstanding success was them winning the 2003/2004 Champions League Trophy. Without doubt you cannot underestimate his capabilities as a manager.

Chelsea came calling and without a second thought, he snapped up the chance of managing a top team in a more competitive league. Again, he replicated his success at Porto by winning Chelsea’s first league title in 50 years. He later on went and won all the major honors available in the English Football Season in the three seasons he was at the club. Under him, the club was propelled from a mere decent, average team to the most feared club in club football. Unfortunately, he could not bring his Champions League triumph to Stamford Bridge. He parted ways with the club in his third season under unclear circumstances amidst shock from every Chelsea fan worldwide.

His time at Inter Milan had similar happenings. Winning them back to back Serie A titles and the maiden Champions League Trophy. His treble winning season of the Scudetto, European and Domestic cups was the highlight of his successful time at Inter Milan. Again, he felt the urge of embarking on new challenges which prompted to him to leave the club at the end of the 2009/2010 season and join Real Madrid, the Spanish giants.

His stay at Real Madrid has been shadowed by the many off field woes than the on field success. In his first season, he won the club’s first Copa Del Rey since 1993 and threatened to end their fierce rival’s (Barcelona) dominance in Spanish football. He then managed to wrestle the La Liga title from Barcelona in his second season. Not only did he do that, but he also managed to garner a record 100 points and 121 goals in the process.

There’s no doubt what Mourinho can do given that everything else on/off field remains constant in his favor. In circumstances where the on/off field variables go against his wishes, hell break loose and the unspeakable happen. It would not be fair if I blindly ignore his off field woes that might have a bearing on a club’s season. I know I will piss quite a number of you who will bless me by reading this article. By doing so, it will enable us to accurately answer the query raised earlier on in this post.

If we closely examine all the number of seasons he has managed in the various respective clubs he has, none has gone past the 3-seasons mark. This is a worrying trend. This has a negative impact on the long term plans meant to be undertaken by the club he manages. It somehow shows how self centered he is as a manager disregarding the possibility of jeopardizing a club’s stability. Doubt me? Look at how Inter Milan and Chelsea have struggled after his departure, with the latter suffering the most.

“When I win I don’t stop and here (in Italy) I have won everything. I have won the Champions League with two clubs, I can do it with three.”

“My work here is done. I have made history with this club. I will find motivation in another big club. Playing against Barcelona in Spain? That would be a huge challenge.”

That is what he said prior to his move to Real Madrid. Does that sound like someone who cares about a club and its fans? To me, it sounds like someone who values personal glory than the well being of a club.

His off line woes have followed him everywhere he goes. He is in this perfect relationship with his ego that surpasses everything else. He envisions it to be the sole authority wherever he manages. In a club known for its player power and a dressing room full of egos, will we see a clash of the egos? When he left Chelsea, there were murmurs everywhere that his relationship breakdown with John Terry was one of the many reasons why he left. Again, isn’t this what is happening in Real Madrid?

“With me, Diego Lopez will always be ahead of Casillas. He’s better.”

“Pepe’s comments? It is very easy to analyze what he says. Pepe has a problem and his name is Raphael Varane.”

Those comments clearly show a chaotic dressing room with zero team spirit in it.

I am a strong advocate of the youth structure in every football club. Through this, so many young players’ dreams have been realized. I would cherish a situation where a club is able to recruit its personnel from the academy rather than spend millions elsewhere pursuing the greedy, expensive players the football world has to offer. Does Mourinho favor such a noble practice? Is he known for youth development in the various clubs he has managed? It is crystal clear that he favors assembling a totally new side whenever he goes to a new club. Uncle Roman resilience on providing funds to acquire new players was also touted as one of the many reasons why he left Chelsea. Rarely would you find him giving the benefit of doubt to the emerging talents present at a club’s youth academy. Correct me if I am wrong. If he still favors this trend, I fear for the young players working so hard to upgrade their football careers. Boy don’t we have quite a bunch of them at Chelsea?

Mourinho is a great manager and wherever he goes next, will be the envy of so many football clubs around the globe. He has achieved so much within a short period in his managerial career. I pray that he comes back ‘home’ and brings back our smiley days. I also pray that everything works according to plan for the benefit of the club, fans and the manager.



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