Is Oscar really needed by Chelsea?

Oscar: Really needed?

There’s been reports in the British media (ESPN and the Daily Mail) that Chelsea are close to completing the signing of Brazilian wonderkid, Oscar, from Internacional for a fee of €25 million. With this signing, surely it means that Chelsea’s pursuit of Modric and Moutinho is over, and we’ve got the creative midfielder we needed. People suggested that after Hazard was signed a few weeks ago that Chelsea would no longer need a player such as Modric, with Hazard looking to play the number 10 role in competition with Mata.

Oscar would clearly come in to the side to provide flair and even more creativity to the side. This addition would be added to the recent signings Marin, De Bruyne and Hazard. But the question I ask is, do Chelsea need Oscar?

In my personal opinion, the signing won’t go through for a number of reasons. Firstly, Chelsea already have a number of players who can play in that position. These include: Piazon, De Bruyne, Mata, Hazard and of course Lampard. Although Lampard’s assist count may have fallen over the last few seasons, he’s still shown he can pick out a pass – just like in the 45th minute at the Nou Camp. Lampard chipped through to Ramires and, well, you know the rest.

People don’t know much about Lucas Piazon, but he’s another Brazilian youngster, who plays in the attacking midfielder role, just like Oscar. At 18 as well, he’s a similar age to Oscar, and it has to be questioned what this potential signing would mean for Piazon’s future. I’ve seen quite a bit of Piazon in reserve team matches, and he already looks very comfortable in that setting. Last season I remember he was on the bench a few times, and he’s already hoping to make more appearances next season in the first team. If Chelsea manage to go on a good run in the Carling Cup, expect to see Piazon feature. Otherwise, he may have to go on loan in order to continue his development.

De Bruyne is a player who played primarily on the wing for Genk in most of his time at the club. However he’s stated in many interviews that he also sees himself as a central midfielder, as he’s good with both feet and has an eye for a pass. As it stands however, I see him fitting in on the wing, competing with Marin for the right sided position, with Chelsea struggling with depth in this area in the last few seasons.

Hazard has been the stellar signing of the summer, and he has also been seen as one of two creative players in the team next season, along with the excellent Juan Mata, who had a very impressive debut season. Hazard was very effective for Lille in the last 3 seasons, playing just behind the striker, becoming one of only three players (the others being Ronaldo & Messi) who managed over 15 goals and assists last season. Add that to the brilliance of Mata, and there should be many assists and goals coming from these two. This will surely compensate for the different role that Lampard will surely play in the future, sitting deep and only occasionally making runs into the box.

As Lampard has reached the age of 34, this new role is needed in order for him to continue to provide a contribution and threat for the team. We saw in the latter Champions League stages, Lampard sitting deep with Mikel, allowing 4 others to venture forward. Next season, these 4 would surely be Mata, Hazard, Ramires and Torres, with Marin, Sturridge and De Bruyne also available. With players such as Piazon and McEachran in the early stages of their career, you would really hope that Chelsea on this occasion save their money, and pursue with areas that need strengthening such as at right-back.

It remains to be seen whether all this talk of Oscar is just a rumor, with the intention being to gain a new contract at Internacional, or whether it really has any substance. It would certainly be a surprise, especially after being linked with creative midfielders who are proven at a higher level, such as Modric, Moutinho and Cabaye. If he is to sign for Chelsea, then it will be a statement of intent from Chelsea. However, for the sakes of the future of midfielders such as Piazon and McEachran who are already at the club, I do hope that this deal is all talk. With Mata and Hazard providing balls through for Torres at will, and the raw pace and engine that Ramires holds, our attack next season seems to be a lot stronger than it’s been for a while. It awaits to be seen whether a creative midfielder is signed, but for the price being asked for Oscar, and the lack of experience that he possesses, you would really hope that it is just all rumor. We will see.


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