Is Torres' Time at Chelsea Over?

Is Torres’ Time at Chelsea Over?

Fernando Torres joined us in January 2011 after a shock 50m move from Liverpool to Chelsea. His first “season” wasn’t the best and Torres scored his only goal 3 months later. Then came Andre Villas-Boas and Torres was off to a great start, but that start was overseen by his miss vs United and red card vs Swansea. He began to score towards the end of the season, with 3 v QPR, 1 v Barcelona and 1 v Aston Villa. He was superb and we felt like El Nino was back. Di Matteo comes in as full-time manager and Torres starts off well with 2 goals and a PK awarded.

However some Chelsea fans have hurled hate at Fernando, I’ll give you these Twitter examples :
“F*** off Torres, you Scouse cunt”
“30m plus our useless Spaniard for Falcao”
“Nando, get the f*** outta The Bridge”

This is no way to treat a player. I would never say something like that about a player unless he’s a rival player  and even then, I probably wouldn’t. However, we have stuck with Torres for his whole time at Chelsea and I’m sure he appreciates that.

However, with his recent storming off and fans hurling hate at him, I ask you is Torres’ time up at Chelsea?

I say no. Torres is a dangerous man and when confident he will produce. If you think he’s the only player who does this, you’re wrong. Look at Defoe, Van Persie, Rooney, Aguero. They don’t score at will every match. They do when motivated and full on confidence. Certain players like Falcao, Messi and Ronaldo have certainly experienced a plethora of goals every season and nearly every match, but they too, feed off of confidence. Every player needs confidence to perform better. Torres might be aging, slowly, but surely he is returning to form. I would never consider selling him, but he must also know that not even revolves around him. We must continue to support Torres and show that he is our #9. Anyone who hates on Torres, I ask you to show him this article or steer him/her the right way!

Do you think Torres’ time is over? I don’t. I’d love to hear what you to say!


Our support to our Legendary Captain JT & about how the world has misunderstood him!

 John Terry | We Stand By You | We love you JT, Our LEADER!



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