Jose Mourinho – not the one for Chelsea

Jose Mourinho

Before I begin, please note that everything in this article is my personal opinion and in no way, shape or form reflects the views of this website. 

It was announced on Monday evening that Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid will be parting ways this season. Mourinho’s contract will be terminated at the beginning of June and he will receive no compensation. It was a mutual decision by both Jose and the club.

Most Chelsea fans are very excited and anxious and hope that it’ll be Chelsea that Mourinho joins in the summer. However, it should be noted that PSG and Manchester City are also interested in reeling in “the Special One”. He’s regarded as one of the best managers since 2000 and has certainly been one of the most entertaining managers, whether it was his press conferences, touch-line antics or his comments to referees and players. Mourinho is certainly one of a kind and there aren’t many managers like him.

While many Chelsea fans hope that Mourinho will join, I’m not the biggest fan of the proposed move to Chelsea. It’s not that I hate Mourinho, I like him, but his tactics and philosophy is becoming out-dated.

His tenure at Madrid has been a failure and “the worst” in his words, he has only challenged for the league title once in 3 seasons and has been tactically outsmarted almost every season in the Champions League. He has usually been more of a motivator than a tactician and his time at Madrid has shown just how incompetent he can be tactically. He has been exposed badly. He has so much talent and money at his disposal and he has shown he was unable to create a great team, instead the team he has built isn’t even a team in the truest sense of the word. Instead Real Madrid are a bunch of world class individuals totally unorganized, defensively suspect and a team that plays one dimensional shit on a stick football. His only trick is his “us against the world” tactic and at a club like Madrid that doesn’t cut it, as they aren’t the underdog, they are probably the biggest club in the world.

Just not good enough..

Just not good enough..

The first leg against Dortmund, “it was hilarious seeing how clueless Mourinho was” as described by a Spanish commentator, Madrid have better players than Dortmund but it looks Mourinho sent his team out on the pitch totally unprepared. Madrid’s fans must be fuming seeing their team play this kind of football after all that money spent.

What’s more is Madrid sacrificed some of their football philosophy by appointing Mourinho and they haven’t been awarded with success. Mourinho’s playing style and antics off the field have damaged Madrid’s reputation, they used to be a club that played good football on the pitch with a lot of dignity off it. Under Mourinho, they have been the opposite… so Madrid are now back to square one. Looks like you need a new manager and a overhaul of the squad in the summer.

3 consecutive CL semi final appearances, one league title win out of 3 against arguably one of the best teams ever. That’s something that most Mourinho fans use against the argument that he’s outdated and his era is began to fade away.

But it’s the fact he only challenged for the league title once in three years. So he hasn’t really been consistent has he? Not for the money and talent he has had at his disposal.

In the CL, overall he has gone crashing out against the first top team he has come up against. The exception being Man United, who I may add looked like going through until going down to 10 men. Mourinho has been tactically outclassed in Europe, his team has more often than not looked average against other top teams. This, added to the damage he has caused Real Madrid’s reputation and image makes his tenure a failure IMO.

He was hired to win the CL. Make no mistake about it and he has failed.

This Real Madrid team is the most expensive football squad in history. Yet…. Of those that stayed at the Bernabeu for 3+ complete seasons, Mou is the coach with the least titles in the history of Real Madrid.

It’s going to take years for Madrid to recover from his tenure, he has humiliated the club’s icon players. He has took every ounce of dignity and class that your club had and shit on it because of his shameless behavior on and off the pitch all the way through his tenure (there is too many incidents to mention) and most of all because your team still doesn’t have an identity and a proper system of play in place. That’s the most shameful part for Mourinho. His league title was partly down to injuries to key Barcelona players and his team blatantly getting helped by the linesmen and referees on numerous occasions.

Now, I’ll get to the Chelsea and Mourinho situation.

I also think it is dangerous to go back to Chelsea because we are set up similarly to Madrid in many ways. I can’t see him turning that side into a good defensive side unless he is willing to buy new CB’s and CM’s. If Abramovich is willing to change style and pay for that change then he will succeed but in truth, he should have never second guessed him with Shevchenko+Ballack plus going back to an old club doesn’t go well that often. He would be better off at City.

Mourinho’s Chelsea was built on a great defence that was protected by a solid midfield which had a Lampard who contribute many goals and a Robben who was unstoppable along with the great Drogba. This current Chelsea side has a Robben in Hazard although he is not at Robben’s level. We have Mata who is creative on the wing to much higher extent than was Duff.

However our midfield has no Makelele and Lampard now plays the Cm position in which he is not world class and capable of getting goals but he doesn’t protect the midfield.

Chelsea’s defence is nothing like it used to be. Ivanovic is good next to a leader in defence and Terry is too old for that. Cahill/Luiz might not be good enough. Luiz might have a future in midfield, but while he is comfortable on the ball he is neither good enough to distribute from deep nor solid enough to be anchor next to a more ball playing type.

Chelsea have the money and they can built a good team but it won’t be as good as the first Chelsea team. He has to get the striker right (Cavani/Falcao) and be willing not to start Lampard/Terry and quite possibly discard Cahill/Luiz in defence which would mean writing of the defence they bought for the future. Mourinho would be better off going to City which already has the makings of a good defence and a good midfield and just needs a new striker.

This all being said, I don’t believe Mourinho is the best option for Chelsea considering his failed tenure at Real Madrid.

Please note that everything in this article is my personal opinion and in no way, shape or form reflects the views of this website. 

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