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Jose Mourinho to Chelsea link – Why it will/won’t happen.

So we’ve seen the most part of Jose-mania lately, and to a lot of Chelsea fans’ delight, we’re seeing him linked with a return to Chelsea.

It’s always nice reading positive news when it comes to our club, and the Jose to Chelsea link is gaining weight, day by day. It’d be a logical appointment, it would make fans happy and it’d make the media even happier. He IS the world’s best manager, considering he’s lead 4 huge clubs over Europe to major success, and let’s face it, he’d walk into any job in the world, given the opportunity.

However, it’s not as simple as, “Here’s the link, this is happening”, for Jose, as we know, loves the limelight. He loves toying with the media, with senior club officials and the football world in general. He is the boss. He has everyone wrapped around his little finger.

Why it will happen:

Jose’s certain to leave Real Madrid, so sources like Guillem Balague and Pedro Pinto, who have close connections within the club, claim. Of course, if they are that certain, their names do take a blow if they’re wrong. So let’s assume they’re right for a moment.

Mourinho was quoted saying, “There will be movements in the summer. Let’s see.” Of course, if summer moves relied on quotes, Robinho would be at Chelsea, Drogba would be at AC Milan, so on and so forth. However, the fact that he’s unclear, or at least wants to show that he’s unclear, means that his job is up for a review, whether it’s being reviewed by Florentino Perez or Mourinho himself.

One thing’s for certain, he already knows where his future lies. If he’s not at Real Madrid next season, for me, I’ve maintained that my head says PSG and my heart says Chelsea.

It was apparent after he won the Champions League in 2010, that Jose knew his next destination well in advance. He did the same at Porto, announcing that he’d be joining Chelsea, while he was still in charge of the newly crowned Champions League winners. So it’s clear that he knows his next move.

Another point he made was that his daughter will be studying in London, come September. Jose’s known to be a family man, and he’s always been where his family is. He’s had a house in London for 10 years, and he can’t stress enough how much he loves London. He’s pretty much ruled out Manchester at this point, Arsenal and Mourinho doesn’t seem like a match and Brendan Rogers is in the middle of a project with Liverpool.

Therefore, all the signs inevitably pointed towards us, with our loose hiring and firing policy. At this point, if available, he’s the best option we would have if we needed a new manager – And we do!

Why it won’t happen:

While it is great to pick out signs and links from every possible pit, it is also possible that he’s using all this attention as a smokescreen to, anti-climatically, get what he wants at Real Madrid.

The fact that he’s demanded all this attention throughout the season may just be a way of letting the biggest club in the world know that they’re in possession of the best manager in the world, and that they should step up and understand that he can put them back where they belong – Winning league titles, which Barcelona have gotten so used to doing in the last decade.

As a neutral, you can’t see why Jose would want to leave Madrid. He’s one of the best paid managers in the world, he gets to wake up and go to the best training facilities in the world, he gets to coach players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, Mesut Ozil, Iker Casillas, he has an unlimited transfer budget, he gets all the attention he wants now that Guardiola has departed Spain, and more importantly, now that Guardiola HAS departed Spain, he has a golden opportunity to get Real Madrid ahead of Barcelona. The only reason he hasn’t won the league this season is purely because of the nonsense that has gone on between him and a few of his players, as well as not receiving the backing of Perez and other board members.

What he clearly wants is the backing of the seniors at the club to say to the disruptive players, “Look, he is the manager. What Jose says goes, and whoever doesn’t agree with it can leave.” That’s what he’s looking for, and something we haven’t seen happen at Real over the years.

We can even compare this to our own club, but it would be a never-ending story if I went into that now!

So for these reasons, I don’t believe he’ll move just yet.

Having listed why he will and why he won’t, it’s clear that we can’t treat this story in the same nature we treat player transfers. It’s a delicate situation for all involved, and it’d be a shame to raise hopes, just for them to be dashed to the ground.

After all this is Jose we’re talking about, the master of manipulation, and I suggest we all just wait for 2 months to see what happens. We have the FA Cup and Europa League to look forward to, as well as a potential 2nd place in the league – More than enough to look forward to till then!

Leave your comments below.

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