Juan Mata, the Spanish magician, the irrepressible, unstoppable, little whiz. I can’t speak highly enough of him.

Without doubt a future Chelsea legend in making.
His importance to the team is highlighted by Fernando Torres in a recent interview :

I’ve had some sad, difficult times this season but the guy who helped me at Chelsea was Mata. He was objective. He told me things how they really were and showed me the way forward. It has been a blessing that Chelsea signed him. ”

Mata is known for his creativity, acceleration, speed, versatility and technical ability and is described as a “creative spark”.

He has also been described as “a touch of flair” and has earned critical acclaim for his playing style, which has led to the media, fans and player’s drawing comparisons to David Silva and Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola.

He plays Table-tennis, studies journalism, enjoys exploring the world and is a heart throb at SW6.

573 passes completed in the final third, 66 chances created and 61 successful crosses makes you wonder if this was indeed Mata’s first at Chelsea. Not to mention 12 goals and 21 assists at the age of 23 ? Whew.. this guy is SOME player.

Now with the arrival of De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Marin and most probably Hulk, the question arises : Will Mata’s role in SW6 diminish ?……NOT ONE BIT!

Despite the wealth of talent that we now possess in our midfield, the cheif general, the guy who’ll pull the strings will continue to be Mata.

Why ? Because Chelsea have made it clear that the future is Fernnando Torres. And there can’t be a Nando at Chelsea without Mata. Hazard, Hulk and Marin ? They are just side-kicks. Brought in to lessen the burden on our poor Mata who single-handedly provided spark in our midfield last season.

There has always been a spine at Chelsea. For the past decade, it was the legendary spine of Cech-JT-Frank-DD. Now, DD has gone. Lampard won’t be around forever too. We are lucky that we have able replacements. For Cech. It’s courtois. For JT, Cahill’s an carbon-copy. For DD, hopefully it’ll be Nando.

But the main and the most difficult replacement was always going to be Frank Lampard’s. And trust me, Juan Mata will be the man leading our midfield for years to come. Lampard has been simply massive for us for the past decade. He’s made countless goals, scored many himself, makes himself available, gets into good positions. He has inspired and lead the midfield inspirationally, like a general. And I see all these traits in Mata. I am sure you do too. Lucky us.

Mata is a downright fan favourite. Why ? Well, he’s talented, he’s humble, he’s intelligent .. I could go on and on. Most importantly, his team mates love, respect and trust him. We’ll all agree that Chelsea is one BIG family. The players have been through many ups and downs toghether.
But never has there been any problems. Not even with the ones who don’t start.

Have you ever heard a Chelsea player asking for a transfer request ? It happened at Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Spurs … Never at Chelsea. That’s how close the squad is. And earning a trust so huge in your first season itself shows how good Mata is as a human being.

All the players brought in will now be built around Mata and Nando. It’s a fact. It’s the key to unlocking Nando.

If we are winning the UCL and FA without Nando playing to even 5% of his potential, imagine the situation when Mata; now ably supported by Hazard, Hulk and Marin , manages to unlock even 60% of Nando’s potential. Terrifying, Isn’t it ?

The key to Chelsea’s future is in Juan Mata’s hand. There was a very famous line trending last season :

” Chelsea will go as far Mata takes them.”

And I had to agree. The finals and Semis apart, I’m sure you’ll all agree that Mata has had a hand in EVERY good thing that We’ve done on-field. That’s the impact MAta has had in Chelsea. He loves us. We love him. And hopefully this association will stay on forever.

Frank Lampard can now pass on his mantle to our little magician. One day, Even Mata will grow old and hopefully Lucas Piazon will be ready take up his mantle. But for now, Lets sit back and enjoy the priviledge of watching the Past ( Lampard ) and the future ( Mata ) tear apart defences and weave their magic into hearts.

Once a BLUE, Always a BLUE

Pen Name: RR2 (ChelseaFC360)

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