Kings of Instability

instabilityI’m going to start this out by giving you a background on my time as a Chelsea FC fan. I’ve been a fan for 15 years (since the age of 2) and have seen a majority of the matches seen I was a fan. Since 2008-09, I haven’t missed a single game (including preseason) and I’m not saying this to call myself a “proper fan” or a “real fan”. That’s not the point of this background, it’s an important introduction to what I’m about to get at. I’m going to tell you the story with honesty and no bias.

Since Roman Abrahmovich has taken over, Chelsea have been successful, powerful, whatever, but we’ve also been unstable. The lack of stability on and off the pitch has severely held back our potential to be England’s best club. We’ve sacked Managers left and right, we’ve done silly transfers and most importantly, we’ve allowed players to hold more power than some managers. I love Chelsea FC, don’t get me wrong, but you have to look past everything we’ve done and realise that we’ve got problems. The Board is absolutely useless at times, making idiotic decisions every season while Roman is quick to spend money without thinking everything through. The Managers often times are directed by the Board on what to do and how to do it – ex. Pre-selecting the XI. Is that what you want at a club as a manager? Do you want someone to tell YOU how to play YOUR squad? I certainly wouldn’t because it’s like an insult to your intelligence. Then you have players with massive amounts of power – Terry, Torres, Lampard, etc. When you have players that can make the Board/Roman make certain decisions, the club is corrupt. Take Torres for example, said to be very influential in the sacking of 1) Ancelotti 2) Andre Villas-Boas 3) Roberto Di Matteo. Now, Torres wasn’t the only reason, but he was a key figure in it. And many would argue that the appointment of Rafael Benitez was tailored towards Torres and the evidence to support that is great – Rafa even hired a few people that have known Torres since his Atletico Madrid days.managers

It’s infuriating to see my favorite club in the world having these problems. The solutions aren’t simple either, I don’t think the rumoured return of Jose Mourinho would fix this problem nor would the reported summer clear out. Chelsea needs to rebuild from within, because it would be a step forward. The players with power must go and the idiots in the Board must go with them. How else can I explain the situation? The same idiots are making the same decisions that have sent this club into chaos. I’ve had enough of this bullshit that’s plagued our club. We have to work on the problems that are within the club, and until we don’t do that – the exit to this problem is closed. Fans are quick to point fingers at individuals instead of a group. What we’re becoming is frightening, because the plan Roman Abrahmovich had at first has been blown out of proportion and teams all across Europe and England are laughing at us. The first club to win the UCL then fall out in the group stages – Chelsea. A chance to win 7 trophies this season and only 2 of them are left, but only 1 is possible (FA Cup). Everything is going to hell – the results, the trophies, the Board, the players, the fans, everything. The fans spent a majority of their lives criticising Rafael Benitez, the Board makes decisions that anyone with a brain would never make. Roman throws money away like it’s nothing.

You might look at this criticism that I’ve put into this article and you can criticise me all you want and call me whatever you like, but if you don’t see what Chelsea’s becoming – you’re an idiot. We’re the Kings of Instability and that’s a fact. We’ve made idiotic decisions, we’ve let managers that could of been long-term solutions go multiple times. Chelsea Football Club is in a crisis.


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