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Lampard – Mikel : Who is the real culprit?

Lampard – Mikel : Who is the real culprit?

CAUTION :Don’t read if you can’t handle criticism of Frank Lampard. 

Roberto Di Matteo has kept his faith in the Lampard – Mikel partnership in the Double Pivot role. It worked out for the first two games, because in the first one, we’d already scored two early on. We were never really good after that. In the second game too, we conceded twice and were not very convincing. At Newcastle, Di Matteo benched Lampard and brought Meireles in, we eased through the game. We saw how badly we got thrashed against Atletico Madrid, and had a frustrating game at QPR. Clearly, the Lampard – Mikel partnership isn’t working.

Mikel is a lot better player than people give him credit for. In all these games that we saw the Lampard – Mikel not working well, Mikel has been getting all the stick for it, for making mistakes, losing possession, playing only sideways and backward passes, etc. For me, the real culprit is NOT John Obi Mikel. It is, indeed, Frank Lampard. Frank Lampard, instead of staying with Mikel, and helping with the transition between defence and attack stays forward, which leaves Mikel to deal with the role of two people, which causes problems for him and for the team, leaving us neither good defensively, nor attackingly. Mikel does, or tries to do the job of two players on his own, yet he’s the one who faces criticism while Lampard is hailed for scoring penalties. We have seen, that when Meireles was playing alongside Mikel, Mikel has performed very well, indeed. What can we assume from that?

Lampard hasn’t really got the pace, or the determination, strength, etc to go into attack either. I personally feel he should be dropped to the bench and utilized as a squad player and play Mikel with Romeu, Oscar or Ramires. These are the only solutions that I can see for now although we do need a good passer of the ball in that role as a long-term solution.

What do you think could be possible solutions to our midfield dilemma (if I may call it that)? Do let me know!

Konark Antani 

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