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Luke Shaw, the choice of Passion or the chase of Necessity?

After completing the signing, rather re-signing of former blue, Nemanja Matic, Chelsea now turn their attention to one of the brightest prospect in the Premier League. And surprisingly, this starlet isn’t an attacker. In this footballing world, defenders are often forgotten in the shine of their fellow attackers. And under such circumstances, this young lad has managed to impress not only his own fans, but every other Premier League team fans and managers alike. And all this at just an age of 18. Impressive eh?
In an interview few months ago, Luke had readily admitted that Chelsea FC is the club that he loves, ofcourse after Southampton that is. And this has just been the moment that has made every Chelsea fan a Shaw fan, added to that his promising potential, just the perfect combination. But this precious love suffered a setback when Southampton put a 30m price tag on his head. Yes, 30m for an 18 year old defender. And the teams who were so keen to fight each other for his signature were easily warded off, barring a few though. This price tag doesn’t really faze the kinds of Man City and Chelsea ofcourse. If he is worth such a tag, they will pay it. And then the question arises, is he worth it?

Chelsea’s main problem at the moment is to find suitable candidates to slowly replace the big guns in the team (Frank Lampard, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Petr Cech), and seemingly so, they have the perfect covers for almost each of the guns, newly signed Matic is hoping to replace Lampard off his central midfielder spot, David Luiz/ Gary Cahill is there to challenge John in the long run, while we are preparing Thibaut Courtois to guard the goal soon in place of big man Petr. Just one person left to be deputized, Ashley Cole. As a man of great quality, Ashley was arguably among the best left backs not just in the premier league, but in the world itself. But age is finally catching up to him, and after a long runoff service to Chelsea, it is finally time for the man to step down. But the problem is, do we have anyone to replace him? Enter Luke Shaw!

Luke Shaw is seen as the solution to this problem. The bonus s that he is a homegrown player, something that Chelsea really needs to look at now. Solid in defense, fierce going forward, Shaw is just the right candidate to replace Ashley. Again the question reappears, what about the price tag? Even though he has a massive 30m on his head, we can expect the Saints to accept an offer around 20-25m readily, just like Benfica accepted 21m for a player with a price tag of 35m (Nemanja Matic). But is this the only way around?

Keeping a rock on my heart, I will say it. Not worth it! Shaw could develop into one of the bests in the league, but the ‘could’ part is still a risk. Not a risk worth approx 25 million, is it? Even if we look at the future, it still is a pricy tag for someone who might be treated Lukaku-wise, sent out on loans and all. 18 is not an age that can tell us much about the future. For 25m, we could drive for some of the best left backs in the business at the moment. Someone like Ashley Cole, a solid warrior, or someone like Leighton Baines, a freekick specialist, or someone else, there are always choices.

For now, Jose Mourinho has used Cesar Azpilicueta as a deputy left back, and ‘Dave’ has handled it exceptionally well too. Considering we can still squeeze out some more years out of Branslav Ivanovic, Cesar couldbe seen playing at leftback more than often. We also have two young lads in the form of Patrick Van Aanholt and Ryan Bertrand who are sweating their days out trying to impress the coach to warrant a permanent opportunity in the first team at Chelsea. And as much as its observed, PVA has been impressive at Vitesse, not just defensively, but also with the occasional goal, something that even Ashley doesn’t get. Good enough to help him with a chance atleast. Ryan failed to impress Jose with the little chances he received, but at Aston Villa he can still prove good. So is a 25m signing absolutely necessary?

Saying all that, it still feels strange considering I was one of the ‘Luke Shaw’ fan boys for quite a few while. If he manages to join Chelsea, he will prove good, that is a guarantee of mine, but would be injustice to many others, Van Aanholt and Cesar especially. Shaw wouldn’t join us to stay on the bench, and Azpi already has to wait for either injuries or tiredness for Ivanovic or Ashley Cole to get a spot in the starting lineup, if Shaw joins in, the game time will further fall down. Luke Shaw is an amazing talent, he promises to give his all for us in every game, but if we sign him, it will be a signing purely of passion, to have someone who loves the club with us, certainly not a necessity!

Thank You for taking your time out to read this article, I hope you liked it. Agree or not, do leave your views and opinions in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you.

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